100 Light Clear Mini Lights Green Wire


• Clear 100-bulb mini light set on Green wire

• 6" bulb spacing with 3" lead and 3" tail

• 50' total length 

• End-to-end connection, string up to 4 sets together

• Lamplock socket prevents the bulb from coming out

• If one bulb burns out, the rest stay lit

• Each mini light set includes 2 spare bulbs and fuses

• UL listed for indoor/outdoor use


Light up your indoor or outdoor space with mini light sets. Mini lights are a great way to add sparkle and offer endless ways to trim your tree or exterior in style. This 100 bulb mini light set is 50' long with 6"" bulb spacing, making it ideal for decorating Christmas trees, wreaths, archways, rooftops or fences.

Up to 4 strings can be connected end-to-end for a total of 200', making these mini lights a popular choice for commercial and residential applications. All mini light sets feature lamplock sockets to keep the bulbs securely in place, eliminating vandalism and light loss. Available in a variety of colors to meet your holiday or design needs.


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