FireFly Effect LED String Light Set, Warm Light 44.3 Ft


This latest technology of LED string lights have a gorgeous FireFly, mimicking the beautiful soft pulsating light that FireFly insects makes. Every other bulb flickers just a little bit like fireflies in a summer field. This gorgeous slowly pulsating and flickering lights copy nature's firefly light and result beautiful natural and relaxing looking effect.

  • Unique LED FireFly Effect String of Light with a Warm golden Glow - 54 Feet total length
  • Warm Glow lights are on a black wire and have a 17 ft lead cable
  • 8 hour timer which turns them on exactly when you want
  • The LED diode lasts much longer. The lifespan is at least 50,000 hours.
  • These incredibly durable LED lights can even be stepped on and won't break, they use up to 90% less energy, minimizing power needs and saving you money.
  • UL588 Standard Certified
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