Multicolor Compact Twinkle String Lights on BLACK Wire, 52 Feet Long - 750 Bulbs


Bring some festive magic into your home with the Lumineo LED Twinkle Compact Lights - Multicolour (750 lights) on Black wire. This fun simple set of lights can make a wonderful statement display of a christmas tree, bannister, garden tree or wrapped around your porch.

T set includes 7 different lighting functions! All lighting sets are featured with the latest LED technology. These compact lights have 8 functions from steady-on to an array of twinkle and fading functions. They can be used indoors or outdoors. Compact Lights wont tangle (no more struggling to get your lights ready to use). One inch spacing between each light and the long lasting LED bulbs are virtually unbreakable. Bulb life is approximately 50,000 hours. Always cool to the touch. UL (Underwriter's Laboratories) approved transformer.

  • 750 Multi Colored Compact Lights LED lights on BLACK Wire, 52 Feet
  • These lights are enough to decorate an entire Christmas tree.
  • 750 Compact Lights on the set of lights. INDOOR / OUTDOOR
  • LED Bulbs are 1 inch apart, more impact, and less strads needed to light entire trees, LED lights are much less fragile.
  • LIGHT MODES: Has eight settings, from twinkling to steady light, for customized ambiance.
  • lower energy consumption
  • long life - minimum of 50,000 hours
  • UL588 Standard Certified

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