Annabelle's Big Hunk Bars, 2-Ounce Bar


An American original since the 1950s, old-fashioned Big Hunk® bars have reached near cult status thanks to fans around the country. Perhaps it's because there's nothing else like them — they're made with honey-sweetened nougat and whole roasted peanuts for a long-lasting chewiness and a touch of crunch that’s like no other candy bar on the market.

  • Annabelle's Big Hunk Bars, 2-Ounce Bar
  • One bar per purchase
  • Give them as party favors or place them in candy dishes for a tasty snack everyone can enjoy!
  • Treat that sweet tooth with this delicious candy
  • Chewy honey-sweetened nougat, stuffed full of tasty peanuts
  • Low-Fat item, 3 grams per serving
  • Gluten-free product of Canada



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