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Byers' Choice - Cries of London Woman with Goose Caroler 2018

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Say hello to the Byers' Choice cries of London collection, this special figurine is called "Cries of London Woman with Goose Caroler " (4322E) New For 2018.

Loyal Byers choice customers have been collecting Byers' Choice Cries Of London collection for 25 years since it was launched in 1991. Each year a new figurine is added to this popular collection, and with their every day outfits, these special pieces can be displayed all year long.


The Cries of London collection harks back to a rich history in 18th century England when a type of street vendor called a "crier" could be seen on the street of London selling their wares. These real life criers would have been vibrantly dressed vendors who sold all different sorts of goods on the crowded streets of London. 

Living in the old days before most people could read, these street folk often spread the daily news by shouting it out loud. The name criers comes from the fact that they often shouted loudly on the streets when selling their wares, and because the streets were so busy and loud, each crier had a unique type of street cry to make themselves distinctive. Can you just imagine the racket of a bustling London market!

Here this crier is carrying a goose which she is selling with her family who are all geese vendors. She  accompanies his husband, "Crier of London Selling Goose Vendor 4321E"  and son " Cries of London Boy with Goose Caroler, (4323E)"

Crier Of London Woman Design Details:

This Byers' Choice figurine wears a beautiful red gingham skirt, in keeping with the style of her time period. She's kept warm by her real wool waist jacket and thick knitted scarf. She's holding and wicker basket that contains a white goose, and her facial expression tell you she is shouting out her unique London vendor crier cry!

Byers' Choice figurines are handmade in the Byers' Choice studio by 80 skilled artisans, overseen by Joyce Byers herself.

Check out the video below to see how these wonderful figurines are handcrafted in Pennsylvania, USA supporting the US artisanal craft economy. 

  • New for 2018!
  • Byers' Choice - Cries of London Woman with Goose Caroler 
  • Manufacturer number 4322E
  • Approximate Size: 13 inches 
  • Materials: Fabric, Metal, Resin
  • Handmade in the USA


Complete the family with Byers' Choice - Cries of London Crier Selling Goose Caroler 2018, and Byers' Choice - Cries of London Boy with Goose Caroler 2018




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