Cardinal Glass Ornament with Realistic Flickering Flame, 60 Hour Battery


LuxuryLite Flickering Flame Cardinal Ornament

Create warmth and ambiance in your holiday decor with these LuxuryLite Led Ornaments, featuring a beautiful, realistic flame. Add a beautiful glow to your tree or window plus it has a flat bottom for table tops. They are also extra long lasting battery operated with 60 hours life.

  • LuxuryLite Led Cardinal Ornament with realistic flickering candle inside. The beautifully made glass is finely decorated with white frosted tress.
  • Sold Individually, each glass flame ornament is 4 inches x 4 inches with a long last battery of up to 60 hours
  • Looks Magical at night, these are wonderfully safe and are an effective way to sofly light up your tree for an extra warm glow.
  • Timer Function with 5 hours on and 19 off, easy to use, will turn on every day, no hassle.
  • Battery Operated, Battery Included ready to go.

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