Momo Mask - Latex Halloween Mask


Put this prop mask on and become just as deranged as it looks. And, truly scare people this fall.

  • Ghoulish Productions - Momo Mask - Item number 26808
  • Creepypasta MOMO Mask
  • This scary latex product features a deranged and disproportionate looking face twisted into a restrained grin. It looks like it's about to burst into a manic grin at a moments notice!
  • Mix with your favourite: creepy face, grinnycat, ghoulish, grama, eyeless
  • Combine with your favourite: creepypasta hoodie, creepypasta necklace, creepypasta hoodie. creepypasta books, creepypasta cosplay, creepypasta masquerade, creepypasta morphsuits, slender, props, cosplay
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