Hansen- Golf Tee and Ball Water Globe Game.


Golf Tee and Ball Water Globe Game.

Time to get your game on! Swing into it by playing with this fun Waterglobe. The goal of the game is to get the golf ball on top of the Golf Tee. It's harder than it looks and takes a lot of concentration and skill. Perfect to keep those idle hands busy! Keep those Kids, big and small will be entertained for hours.

  • Water Globe Golf Ball Game - Try to put the ball on the tee.
  • 4 Inches across. 7 inches Tall.
  • Authentic Water Globe with filled with water allowing ball to slowly float and glide
  • Achievable game, which can be won with patience
  • Perfect for golf lovers! They will love how it looks on a desk
    • 4 Inches across and 7


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