Lumineo 1392 LED Warm White Christmas 1-2 Glow Cluster Light Set, Green Wire


Lumineo 1-2 Glow lights are a fabulous, innovative invention in Christmas tree lighting! This is the perfect product for those of you that don't have the time nor inclination to spend hours untangling and patiently placing all the lights around the tree.

  • Lumineo 1-2 Glow Cluster 1392 LED Bulbs, Christmas Light Set Warm White on GREEN wire. Indoor / Outdoor. Lead cable: 13 feet.
  • There are 7 strings/rows of lights: 3', 4.75', 6.5', 7.5', 9.5', 11.3', 12.3' -- suitable for a 7' tall tree
  • The LEDs are placed close together, creating a beautiful cluster effect, more impact, and less strands needed to light entire trees. 8 Function memory controller with timer, Constant, Twinkle, Different atmospheric effects
  • New non tangle technology, LED diode lasts much longer. The lifespan is at least 50,000 hours. LED lights are much less fragile.
  • UL588 Standard Certified

Lumineo 1-2 Glow lights are a fabulous, innovative invention in Christmas tree lighting! Use the handy hook to hang over the Christmas tree and then let the wire fall to the bottom, you will then be left with a row of lights, spaced between branches with which to wrap around the tree. Presto your tree lights are done!

​​​​​​​To operate you simply press timer only once. The lights will light up automatically 8 hours a day, every day at the same time. This set also includes 8 different lighting functions! All lighting sets are featured with the latest LED technology. These cluster lights have 8 functions from steady-on to an array of twinkle and fading functions. They can be used indoors or outdoors. Cluster Lights won’t tangle, no more struggling to get your lights ready to use. The long lasting LED bulbs are virtually unbreakable. Bulb life is approximately 50,000 hours. Always cool to the touch. Includes 13-foot lead wire. UL (Underwriter's Laboratories) approved transformer.

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