Lumineo 320 Micro LED Warm White Cascade Lights Set, Silver Wires

  • Lumineo Micro 320 LED Bulbs, Christmas Light Piece Warm White SILVER wire. Indoor / Outdoor. Lead cable: 16.5 feet
  • Includes 32 strings, 32" each, attached to adjustable branches
  • LED lights are much less fragile, always cool to the touch, and bulb life is approximately 50,000 hours. Item 782424
  • UL588 Standard Certified

Lumineo micro LED cascade lights are an easy way to light up your holidays. All lighting sets feature the latest LED technology. They can be used indoors or outdoors. Bulb life is approximately 50,000 hours. Always cool to the touch. Includes 16.5 ft lead wire. UL (Underwriter's Laboratories) approved transformer. Decorate your exterior and interior and let the CASCADE fall loosely over stone walls, fences, railings, hedges, or attach the casacade to flagpoles or racks and similar fixtures.


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