Lumineo 360 LED Warm White Light Set, Transparent White Wire 88.5 Ft

  • Plug In 88.5 Feet Light Set -White Light Set On Transparent wire. INDOOR / OUTDOOR
  • 8 Function memory controller with timer
  • The LED diode lasts much longer. The lifespan is at least 50,000 hours.
  • Warm White Lights mimic traditional old warm lights bulbs
  • LED lights are much less fragile. UL approved transformer Item 780039
  • UL588 Standard Certified

To operate you simply press timer only once. The lights will light up automatically 8 hours a day, every day at the same time. This set also includes 8 different lighting functions! LED light sets are battery-operated for indoor and outdoor use. All lighting sets are featured with the latest LED technology.


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