Pilgrim Imports - Handcrafted, Fair Trade, Metal Summer Dragonfly Ornament

  • Intricately hand-crafted and made from metals including plated nickel, copper, and brass (no lead or harmful substances)
  • Pieces are designed to be as safe as possible with a minimum of sharp corners and edges. Not intended for small children.
  • Measures approximately 
  • Made fairly by workers earning a living wage in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Charming ornaments enrich a once-impoverished village in Thailand, providing clean, safe jobs that pay a living wage and preserve age-old traditions.

Fair trade ornaments decorate lives. Villagers in Chiang Mai, Thailand began crafting metal Christmas ornaments over twenty years ago. Today, with the help of Pilgrim Imports, over 400 artisans are employed and earning a living wage – helping to make your holidays even brighter.

 Each purchase literally changes lives for the entire village.


Nothing on earth is more beautiful than genuine smiles like these. Unless it's the compassion and conscience of people like you who choose to give fair trade gifts that not only delight the recipient, but uplift the maker too.The ornament above is an example of the power of fair trade - transforming an impoverished Thai village into a thriving and economically sustainable community. One of Fair Indigo's founders was lucky enough to visit this bustling, peaceful and incredibly friendly village to see first hand the difference fair trade is making.




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