Santa's Sturdy Tree Stand with Foldable Legs for storage for up to 12 foot trees

    • Made from Solid Steel - Known as KNOCK DOWN TREE STAND 
    • Solid Steel Sturdy Christmas tree stand with detachable legs for convenient storage, easy to put together, legs simply click into place, fabulous for homes with limited storage
    • Christmas tree stand accommodates up to a 12 foot trees, up to a 7 inch trunk diameter
    • Large water reservoir up for longer periods between watering your tree
    • Comes with large 4 large screws, with wide bolt eyes allowing you to easily secure many various sizes of trees into the stand, also allows different variations of trunk sizes and shapes. Simply screw each one tight.
    • Painted in festive green enamel which is rust proof and water resistant.

This very sturdy Christmas tree stand which is made of 1/4 steel and has convenient detachable legs for convenient storage. Rubber feet to prevent damage to floors. It also accommodates trees up to 12 foot tall and will fit trees with a trunk diameter of up to 7 inches.

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