Mark Roberts Life Is Short Make It Sweet - 51-05200 - 11 inch


Mark Roberts "Life Is Short Make it Sweet "Fairy is a cute little reminder to embrace every single day as it comes. Share this kind memento with friends or keep it as a little mantra for yourself.

The ingenious Mark Roberts has been designing these carefully decorated and adored Elves and Fairies for over 30 years. We only sell authentic pieces which are elegantly crafted by hand and preciously cared for. Bring some frivolous fun and magic into your home with these cheeky imaginative figurines. You won't be able to resist smiling after looking at the their quirky faces. We ship these in their original boxes with a certificate of authenticity.

  • Happy Birthday Life is short make it sweet Fairy - 51-05200 - 11 inch
  • Vendor Number: 51-05200
  • Approximate Size: 11 Inches Tall
  • Materials: Fabric, Metal, Sequins, beautifully handcrafted.
  • Includes original box
  • Includes certificate of authenticity and registration which records your name as the original purchaser
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