Sugared Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Tree Garland

  • Sugared Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Tree Garland
  • Materials: Coated Foam/Glitter
  • Dimensions: 6 foot long garland, each cookie 4"H x 3"W x 3/8"D
  • Lightweight, break-resistant

Wrap multiple garlands around your tree or individual strands across your mantle, banister, shelves or just about anything. The stringed set alternates between decorated red and green gingerbread cookies with decorative baubles in between. The cookies are heavily sprinkled with clear sugar crystal glitter on all sides. This product is on one continuous nylon string with a 2 1/4" tied off loop at each end. It includes 13 cookies, 14 red balls, 28 white balls.

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