The Best Christmas Movies You Can Bring Home

 The Best Christmas Movies You Can Bring Home

The Best Christmas Movies You Can Bring Home

Nov 1st 2023 - by Amanda Meyer

The Best Christmas Movies You Can Bring Home

Gather around timeless tales of holiday cheer with beloved Christmas movies, a heartwarming family tradition that ushers in the merriment of the season. Year after year, these cinematic classics spark joy and togetherness, knitting unforgettable memories for young and old alike. Now, you can transcend the screen and bring the magic of your favorite holiday films to life with our extensive range of movie-themed decor. Transform your space into a festive cinematic wonderland, making every corner of your home a tribute to treasured moments from the silver screen.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Experience the whimsy of Whoville beyond the screen this festive season with our Grinch themed Christmas decor. Transform your home into a magical scene reminiscent of the beloved movie, as you revel in the mischievous, heartwarming spirit of the Grinch. From ornaments to tableware, each piece in our collection is infused with the iconic, playful imagery of Dr. Seuss's masterpiece. Create unforgettable holiday moments and keep the Grinch's unique charm alive, making your celebration a storytelling delight for family and guests alike. Check out our five favorites below.

Naughty Nice Grinch SnowThrow Blanket

Embrace your whimsical side with the ultra-soft Naughty Nice Grinch SnowThrow, a cozy fusion of comfort and Grinchy delight, perfect for any mood this holiday season. Dive into warmth with this 45" x 60" sherpa fleece creation, turning chilly days into snuggly, festive experiences, no matter if you're feeling naughty or nice! Roll it up when not in use and use it as decor!

Resting Grinch Face 16oz Mug

Showcase your morning attitude with the Resting Grinch Face 16oz coffee mug, the perfect stoneware piece to add a hint of humor to your daily routine. With a cheeky design on both sides, this microwave and dishwasher-safe mug brings the iconic Grinch character into every sip, making it a fun addition to any beverage experience.

Possible Dreams Grinch Countdown Calendar Clothtique Figurine

Embrace the Christmas countdown with the mischievous Grinch and Max, brought to life in the 12.5-inch Possible Dreams Grinch Countdown Calendar Clothtique Figurine, a treasure for any holiday decor. Crafted with exquisite detail by Ann Dezendorf, this unique piece, complete with hand-painting and stiffened fabric accents, offers a delightful way to mark each day until the festivities.

Department 56 - Grinch Village - Mount Crumpet

Transform your Christmas Village with Department 56's Grinch Village Mount Crumpet Lit Building, standing at an impressive 8.75 inches, crafted from glittering porcelain. This illuminating piece, featuring the iconic home of the Grinch and Max, brings a whimsical touch to your holiday display, complete with a standard light cord and 120V bulb.

Jim Shore Grinch In Chimney Ornament

Capture the mischievous spirit of the holidays with this iconic 5-inch Grinch figurine, intricately designed by Jim Shore, depicting the cunning character as he impersonates Santa to carry out his notorious antics. Crafted from quality stone resin and adorned with unique folk-art motifs, this piece is a delightful addition for collectors and Grinch fans alike, marking a memorable moment from the timeless tale.

National Lampoon Christmas Vacation

Relive the hilarity and chaos of the beloved classic, "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," with our extensive collection of themed decor that transforms your space into the Griswold's holiday mishap-laden home. From quirky ornaments echoing the infamous lighting debacle to detailed figurines capturing the film's most iconic scenes, each piece offers a nostalgic nod to the movie's enduring humor and yuletide charm. This Christmas, invite the spirit of the Griswold family's unbridled, and somewhat catastrophic, enthusiasm for the holidays into your home, ensuring laughter-filled gatherings around these delightful tributes.

National Lampoon Christmas Vacation Wally World Moose Mug Light Set

Illuminate your festive season with a touch of Griswold family fun, thanks to our exclusive 11.5ft National Lampoon Christmas Vacation Wally World Moose Mug Light Set, featuring iconic moose mugs from the timeless comedy. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, this unique, whimsical light string adds the ideal blend of nostalgia and joy to your holiday celebrations, ensuring your decor stands out with classic movie charm.

Christmas Vacation Countdown To Christmas Calendar

Celebrate the holiday season with a hearty laugh as you count down the days with the Griswolds' Christmas Countdown block, featuring the iconic overloaded station wagon. Crafted from quality medium density fiberboard, this 3.7" tall piece brings the beloved chaos of a "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" directly to your festive decor, blending nostalgia with anticipation.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation The Griswold Holiday House

Embrace the holiday spirit with the vibrantly lit Griswold Holiday House, a centerpiece of your Christmas Lane series collection, perfectly capturing the iconic comedy's chaos. With versatile lighting that can flash or stay steady, this lively 7.48" structure is meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring your festive scenes mirror the uproarious joy of National Lampoon's cherished classic.

Hallmark - Christmas Vacation Griswold House Ornament

Capture the hilarity of the holiday season with this unique Hallmark ornament, depicting Santa's wild ride over the Griswold house, a nod to everyone's favorite Christmas caper. This expertly designed 2.5" resin piece adds a touch of National Lampoon's whimsy, ensuring laughs and reminiscences hang from your festive branches.

Cousin Eddie's RV Cookie Jar

Relive the comedic genius of National Lampoon with this one-of-a-kind Cousin Eddie's RV cookie jar, masterfully crafted to bring the infamous "borrowed" RV right into your kitchen. At 5" tall, this officially licensed, dolomite treasure is not just a conversation starter but a quirky homage to everyone's favorite holiday disaster tale, perfect for stashing those Christmas cookies.

Christmas Story

Dive into the nostalgic world of A Christmas Story, the quintessential holiday movie that captures the essence of a 1940s American Christmas with humor, warmth, and the iconic quest for a Red Ryder BB gun. This cinematic classic resonates with audiences of all ages, making it a timeless addition to any holiday tradition. Now, you can bring the charm of Ralphie's family and his heartfelt holiday journey into your home with our exclusive range of "A Christmas Story" decor. From the legendary leg lamp to intricate village sets, our authentic pieces create the perfect backdrop for reliving the movie's best moments, making your home a part of this beloved Christmas narrative.

Kurt S. Adler 15-Inch A Christmas Story Nutcracker

Embrace the spirit of "A Christmas Story" with the Kurt Adler 15-inch Nutcracker, featuring Ralphie's dad in his quirky attire, proudly presenting the iconic leg lamp. This unique piece, complete with a light-up leg lamp and a Christmas tree topped by Ralphie in his pink bunny suit, brings the movie's humor and warmth right into your holiday decor collection.

A Christmas Story 300 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Relive the joy of "A Christmas Story" with our 300-piece jigsaw puzzle, uniquely packaged in a nostalgic VHS box, perfect for bringing families together during the holiday season. Officially licensed, this high-quality, precision-cut puzzle promises fun and laughter, making it an ideal gift for both avid fans and puzzle enthusiasts.

Lit Leg Lamp Wood Figurine

Experience the iconic glow of "A Christmas Story" in your home with this 10.4" Lit Leg Lamp Wood Figurine, meticulously crafted from basswood and featuring LED lighting (batteries not included). Introduced in January 2020, this centerpiece captures the film's warmth and eccentricity, making it a must-have collectible for the season.

Department 56 - A Christmas Story - Ralphie to the Rescue

Relive the heartwarming scene of brotherly love with the "Ralphie to the Rescue" accessory figurine, measuring 1.625" in height, inspired by the timeless Warner Bros. classic, "A Christmas Story." This handcrafted, hand-painted piece from Department 56 is a small yet significant way to bring the movie's charming nostalgia into your home decor.

A Christmas Story Ralphie In Bunny Suit Christmas Stocking

Celebrate the season with the whimsical 18-inch Ralphie In Bunny Suit Stocking, bringing a beloved scene from "A Christmas Story™" right to your hearth. Perfect for fans or those seeking something delightfully different, this stocking adds unique charm while waiting to be filled with holiday treats.


Elf, the heartwarming tale of Buddy's journey from the North Pole to New York City, has become a Christmas classic for families worldwide. Immerse yourself in the festive cheer of this beloved film by decorating your space with an extensive collection of "Elf"-themed decor. Whether you're a fan of Buddy's infectious spirit or simply cherish holiday movie memories, our range ensures every corner of your home reflects that magical cinema charm. Dive into the holiday spirit and let Buddy's adventures transform your home into a winter wonderland.

Elf The Movie Elf's Hat

Embrace the holiday spirit with our authentic "Elf The Movie™" inspired hat! Crafted from soft, high-quality materials and designed to mirror Buddy the Elf's iconic look, this hat is perfect for movie fans or anyone eager to spread festive cheer.

Elf 300 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Dive into the festive world of "Elf" with our 300-piece jigsaw puzzle, beautifully housed in a nostalgic VHS box. Perfect as a gift or for family game night, this officially licensed Elf puzzle boasts premium quality and a precision-cut fit, ensuring hours of joyful puzzling.

Hallmark - Elf VHS Ornament

Celebrate the magic of Christmas with our Hallmark Elf VHS Tape Ornament, capturing the joy Buddy the Elf brought into our lives. Expertly crafted from resin, this unique ornament is a delightful nod to a holiday classic, making it a must-have for any festive decor.

Possible Dreams - Buddy The Elf Making Snowflakes Clothtique Figurine

Dive into the festive spirit with our 11-inch Possible Dreams Figurine, beautifully portraying Buddy the Elf crafting a charming string of snowflakes. Impeccably designed by renowned U.S. artist Ann Dezendorf, this captivating Clothtique piece is a perfect blend of whimsy and intricate detail, making it a prized addition to any holiday decor.

Elf The Movie Christmas Stocking
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer has illuminated our screens and hearts as a quintessential Christmas movie for generations. This timeless tale of Rudolph's luminous journey from outcast to hero is a festive favorite for all ages. Now, fans can immerse themselves even further into the magical world of Rudolph with an extensive range of home decor inspired by the film. From ornaments to wall art, bringing the enchanting world of Rudolph into your home has never been easier.

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Crackers

Embrace the festive spirit with our Rudolph the Reindeer Christmas Crackers, a delightful nod to an 1840s London tradition. Each 10" cracker pops with joy, revealing a party hat, playful joke, and a surprise toy or gift, making it a perfect addition to your holiday celebrations.

Snowpinions - Rudolph SnowThrow Blanket

Stay toasty this winter with the Snowpinions - Rudolph SnowThrow Blanket, a plush 45"x60" sherpa and fleece blend. Roll it up for compact storage and delight as it takes the adorable shape of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer!

Rudolph & Clarice Flicker Night Light

Light up your nights with the heartwarming glow of the Rudolph & Clarice Flicker Night Light. Measuring 5.25", this resin-crafted treasure showcases the beloved pair, Rudolph & Clarice, cozied up by a campfire, emitting a gentle flickering orange ambiance.

Snowbabies - Wrapped Up With Rudolph Figurine

Dive into yuletide antics with the Snowbabies Wrapped Up With Rudolph figurine, standing at 4.8". Designed by Kristi Jensen Pierro for Department 56, this charming piece captures a Snowbaby and Rudolph ensnared in a festive tangle, showcasing the playful essence of holiday unity.

Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer with Misfit Toys Ornament

Slide into festive cheer with the Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer ornament, capturing the iconic scene of Rudolph sledding joyfully with the cherished misfit toys. A perfect addition to your tree, this piece brings the timeless magic and spirit of the beloved tale to your holiday decor.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas seamlessly blends the spooky allure of Halloween with the festive spirit of Christmas. This holiday classic has enchanted audiences for years with its unique characters and captivating storyline. Now, fans can bring the mystical world of Jack Skellington and Sally right into their homes with an expansive range of 'Nightmare Before Christmas' decor. From iconic ornaments to spellbinding wall art, immerse yourself in the bewitching charm of this beloved film all season long.

Nightmare Before Christmas Santa Jack Light Set

Light up your holiday festivities with the enchanting 11.5-foot 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Santa Jack Light Set. Adorned with 10 detailed Jack Skellington faces donning his festive Sandy Claws hat, this captivating set promises to sprinkle a touch of Tim Burton magic to any space.

Phunny Plush Sally

Embrace the enchanting world of Tim Burton with the Phunny Plush Sally Doll! With her signature patchwork design and a soft, cuddly texture, she's not only a must-have for 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' enthusiasts but also a charming addition to any plush collection.

Jim Shore - Disney Traditions - Jack Skellington Sitting On Hilltop

Discover the whimsical fusion of Halloween and Christmas with Jim Shore's Disney Traditions Jack Skellington on Hilltop figurine! This meticulously crafted stone resin piece captures the iconic moment of Jack's festive epiphany, making it an exquisite addition for both Nightmare Before Christmas and Jim Shore collectors alike.

Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington With Wreath Nutcracker

Deck your halls with the enchanting spirit of Halloween Town! The 10-inch Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Nutcracker, adorned with his iconic pinstripe suit and holding a festive wreath, is a spellbinding blend of spooky charm and yuletide joy, perfect for any festive display.

Jack And Sally Salt And Pepper Set

Infuse your dining experience with the whimsical charm of Halloween Town's favorite duo! This Jack and Sally Salt and Pepper Set not only adds a sprinkle of spooky elegance but also a dash of heartwarming romance to every meal.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol, the timeless Dickensian tale of redemption and holiday spirit, has been warming hearts every festive season. Revered as a quintessential Christmas movie, it showcases the transformative journey of Ebenezer Scrooge, guided by the memorable Christmas spirits. Now, fans can recreate the magic of Victorian London at home with a diverse range of "A Christmas Carol" inspired decor. From intricate figurines of the iconic characters to themed ornaments, embrace the yuletide spirit with these enchanting home additions.

Scrooge And Marley Counting House

Dive into the heart of Dickens' A Christmas Carol with the Department 56 Dickens Village Scrooge And Marley Counting House building. Crafted meticulously from porcelain, this 9.7-inch tall piece beautifully captures the essence of Scrooge's accounting world, making it a must-have for Dickens Village enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Byers’ Choice - Marley's Ghost Caroler

Experience the haunting allure of A Christmas Carol with the Byers’ Choice Marleys Ghost Caroler. Meticulously designed, this figure captures the ethereal essence of Marley's ghost, draped in his otherworldly chain, serving as a chilling reminder of the chains one can forge in life through greed and anger.

Hollywood Nutcrackers Scrooge Nutcracker

Dive into a world of festive whimsy with the 17-inch Hollywood Nutcrackers Scrooge Nutcracker, exclusively crafted by Kurt S. Adler. Dressed in a red and black checked cape and a glittering black hat, this vibrant rendition of Scrooge clutches a cane and a cheeky "$crooge" money bag, adding a playful twist to traditional holiday decor.

Christmas Carol Puzzle

Delve into Dickens's enchanting world with our 225-piece double-sided A Christmas Carol puzzle, offering a blend of literary nostalgia and puzzling challenge. Adorned with the classic cover illustration on one side and iconic excerpts on the other, this keepsake is the perfect fusion of literature and entertainment for the festive season.

Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim Ornament

Celebrate the enduring spirit of Dickens's A Christmas Carol with the glitter-accented Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim ornament by Kurt Adler. This 5-inch resin keepsake beautifully captures their heartfelt bond, making it a treasured addition to your festive decorations.

The Nutcracker

Dive into the enchanting world of The Nutcracker, a Christmas cinematic masterpiece that has captivated audiences for generations with its tale of whimsy and wonder. This classic film, replete with ballet, magic, and the battle between the Nutcracker and the Mouse King, has inspired a vast collection of home decor items. From delicate ballerina ornaments to majestic nutcracker figurines, you can now immerse your living space in the movie's festive charm. Embrace the spirit of this timeless holiday favorite and transform your home into a winter wonderland reminiscent of the Land of Sweets.

96 Piece The Nutcracker Double Sided Puzzle

Relive the enchantment of "The Nutcracker" with our 96-piece double-sided puzzle, blending iconic passages and original cover artistry. Packaged in a vintage book-style box, it's a must-have for puzzle lovers and Nutcracker aficionados alike.

Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament

Adorn your tree with the elegance of the Sugar Plum Fairy ornament, resplendent in pink and white with peppermint touches and a charming cupcake hat. Let her grace and beauty from "The Nutcracker's" Kingdom of Sweets bring festive magic to your holiday decor.

Byers' Choice The Nutcracker Suite Mouse King Caroler

Dive into the heart of the Nutcracker Ballet with the Byers' Choice Mouse King Caroler, a meticulously crafted 12-inch figurine embodying the tale's enchanting adventure. With his detailed design and commanding presence, this handcrafted Mouse King promises to be a captivating centerpiece in any festive setting.

Hollywood Nutcrackers Drosselmeyer Hat Nutcracker

Step into a world of festive wonder with the Hollywood Nutcrackers Drosselmeyer Hat Nutcracker, an exclusive creation by the esteemed Holly Adler for Kurt S. Adler, Inc. This intricate masterpiece, adorned with Drosselmeyer's iconic top hat, eye patch, and shimmering details, is both a tribute to the classic Nutcracker Suite and a dazzling addition to any holiday decor.

Clara Ballet Nutcracker Musical Tabletop Decor

Grace your holiday space with the exquisite 11.25-inch Clara Ballet Nutcracker Musical Tabletop Decor from Kurt Adler. Not only does it capture Clara's elegance from The Nutcracker Suite, but with a simple wind-up, it serenades you with the enchanting Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy.

Nov 1st 2023 - by Amanda Meyer