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Gingerbread Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Get into the holiday spirit with some new gingerbread ornaments for your Christmas Tree! The Christmas Loft has curated and sells a collection of our favorite gingerbread ornaments. Search our gingerbread house ornaments and choose your ornaments today!


How do you make gingerbread ornaments?

Traditional Gingerbread house ornaments are made of gingerbread cookies and decorated into fanciful shapes, then baked and painted with icing and eventually probably eaten. At The Christmas Loft we love the idea of having our treasured gingerbread onrmanets on our trees every year so the ornaments we sell are made from a durable resin so they can be reused and hung on your tree for many years to come.

What do people decorate gingerbread ornaments with?

A lot of traditional gingerbread ornaments were decorated with icing and hard candy. Now resin gingerbread ornaments can be decorated with all different kinds of items like beads, miniature garlands, paint, and pom poms.

How long do gingerbread decorations last?

Gingerbread house ornaments will last forever so long that they are not made from perishable items and kept safe.

How do you decorate with Gingerbread Ornaments?

Most people love to pick out gingerbread ornaments that feel fun and speciall and they hang them on a Christmas tree or garland above a fireplace. Many people who enjoy Christmas love the nostalgia of the season so it is a true treasure to find new ornaments and add to them every year. In our home we put the year we purchased the ornament on the back so we can remember where it is from.

How do you preserve Ginerbread Ornaments?

The gingerbread ornaments we sell do not need to be preserved as they are made out of a durable hard resin, however, if you have made gingerbread ornaments from gingerbread cookies, there are methods to preserve them such as covering the gingerbread cookie ornament in a polyresin material, or covering the ornaments with paint and varnish. Once you have taken these steps the ornaments are of course inedible.