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Christmas Tree Ornaments

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The Christmas Loft Elves have carefully curated a hand selected assortment of ornaments. With over 10,000 ornaments ranging from traditional blown glass to whimsical fun creations to your favorite foods and celebrities. You can find an ornament for everyone on your list all in one place!


What is the most popular Christmas ornament?

Ornament trends have shifted throughout history. In the beginning of the 19th century families adorned their trees with things that they found around their homes like berries, nuts, fruits, and candles. By the end of the 19th century figural glass ornaments made it onto the market. Many of these figural ornaments were rather traditional featuring balls, finials, santas, nutcrackers, and angels. These ornaments featured a lot of traditional colors like green, red, white, silver, and gold. As we moved into the 20th century more materials began being introduced to the market as trends shifted. More shapes and colors began popping up on trees around the world. Today, for many, their Christmas tree is a form of personal expression and style featuring figural ornaments of hobbies and pop culture events.

What are the different types of Christmas ornaments?

Our Christmas Loft Elves have spent hundreds of hours curating a large collection of ornaments to suit any holiday style or taste. Our selection features ornaments of many different sizes and materials. Ornaments made from glass, acrylic, resins, fabric, metal, and even recycled materials. We have a large collection of traditional ornaments as well as more modern and whimsical ornaments.

What are typical Christmas decorations?

Today Christmas decorations represent a family's personal style and taste. In today’s market you can find ornaments made from hundreds of different materials for almost anything imaginable. Some people enjoy the more traditional blown glass ornaments while others enjoy displaying ornaments from their favorite movies or vacations. No matter what ornaments you choose for your tree there is no right or wrong ornament to choose.

What do ornaments symbolize at Christmas?

Ornaments symbolize something different for everyone during the holidays. To some their ornaments symbolize religion, to others tradition, to others good memories.

Are ornaments just for Christmas?

Absolutely not! Here at The Christmas Loft we believe that ornaments are perfect year round decorations. In recent years it has even become popular to keep an artificial tree up all year and swap out the decorations for each season. Pick up a few table top trees and have decorated trees in different spots in your home. A food tree in the kitchen, a nautical tree in the bathroom, or a celebrity tree in the movie theater. Personalizing ornaments can be used as unique gift tags or name cards and many of our figural ornaments can be used to enhance your shelf or village displays.