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Since 2007, Lumineo has globally illuminated spaces with exceptional Christmas and solar lighting. A prized Kaemingk brand, Lumineo offers over 3,000 innovative, high-quality lighting items to global retailers. From captivating string and solar lights to a varied outdoor collection, Lumineo promises year-round, eco-friendly brilliance, merging sustainability with unmatched style, ensuring every space sparkles with light and joy.

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Embarking on a luminous journey in 2007, Lumineo, part of Kaemingk’s exquisite brands, swiftly ascended as a global trendsetter in Christmas and solar lighting. From a rich heritage to a worldwide presence, Lumineo’s story is a brilliant saga of innovation, sustainability, and design excellence, enlightening homes and celebrations across the globe. Offering over 3,000 diverse lighting items, Lumineo’s extensive collection epitomizes elegance and functionality. The brand’s Christmas array is a feast of vibrant string lights, decoration lights, and enchanting illuminated objects and villages. This festive assortment adds a touch of sparkle to global celebrations, with each piece meticulously crafted for aesthetic brilliance.

Venturing beyond Yuletide, Lumineo’s outdoor ensemble showcases a vast spectrum of solar and party lights, reinforcing its commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable lighting solutions. The collection's LED candles further infuse indoor spaces with a warm and inviting ambiance. Lumineo stands at the intersection of sustainability and innovation. The brand’s LED Christmas lights, celebrated for their energy efficiency, are up to ten times more economical than traditional light bulbs. This blend of elegance and energy conservation reflects Lumineo's philosophy of offering vibrant, unbroken illuminations without the burden of excessive energy consumption.

Mirroring a commitment to environmental mindfulness, Lumineo integrates timers in its Christmas lights, ensuring energy is conserved. This feature underscores Lumineo’s unwavering pledge to sustainable and conscious energy consumption, aligning beauty with responsibility. In the global panorama of decorative lighting, Lumineo resonates as a luminary. It transcends international borders, bringing sustainable brilliance and joy to worldwide spaces. As a valued brand under Kaemingk, Lumineo continues to illuminate the world with its splendid and environmentally friendly creations.

Lumineo’s journey, rooted in sustainable beauty and innovation, brightens both the present and future. It carries forth a legacy of environmental care, lighting up lives while cherishing the planet. In every creation, Lumineo reaffirms its commitment to sustainable brilliance, ensuring every illumination not only adds beauty but also conserves the world’s precious resources, reinforcing its position as a leader in innovative and sustainable lighting solutions worldwide.

Lumineo Product Reviews

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Great customer service Great customer service when I had an inquiry about my order. Amazing ship Price to Hawaii for my order. Thanks!

Lara Oshiro

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Beautifully realistic and great price! These garlands are the most realistic I’ve seen and the price can’t be beat! I’ve purchased 4 so far andplan to get more.


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Halloween village. Fantastic, had just what I needed. Fast shipping and great packaging. Will purchase from again when needed. Thanks


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Fast and safe shipping.

Jonnie Jarrells

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prompt service--great selection!

Shirley Wooden

Lumineo FAQ

What is the range of Lumineo's Christmas light collection?

Lumineo’s Christmas collection boasts a wide array, from traditional string lights to innovative decoration lights, illuminated objects, and villages. Every product is designed to add a special glow to your festive celebrations, ensuring a beautiful and radiant display.

Are Lumineo’s lights energy-efficient?

Lumineo places a strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness. Many of their products, especially their solar lights and LED candles, are designed to be energy-efficient, providing beautiful illumination while conserving energy and protecting the environment.

What sets Lumineo apart in the Christmas lights industry?

Lumineo, established in 2007, is a global leader in Christmas and solar lighting. It stands out for its innovation, quality, and extensive range of over 3,000 lighting products, ensuring both variety and reliability in creating a festive ambiance.

Can Lumineo's Christmas lights be used outdoors?

Yes, Lumineo's outdoor collection features a diverse range of lights, including solar and party lights, suitable for enhancing the exterior beauty of your home or garden during the festive season and beyond.

What type of lighting products does Lumineo offer besides traditional string lights?

Beyond traditional string lights, Lumineo offers an extensive range including decoration lights, illuminated objects, illuminated villages, and an array of solar lights and LED candles, ensuring diverse lighting solutions for various needs and preferences.

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