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Hobbies and Occupation Christmas Tree Ornaments

Our large hobbies and occupation ornament selection will have you covered to give everyone you know! Whether you know someone who loves pickleball, knitting, baseball, swimming, or horse riding we have an ornament with them in mind. These ornaments are also great gifts for someone who works in challenging occupations and deserves much appreciation and love, such as our teachers' doctors and nurses, and firemen ornaments. A lot of them are also personalizable so you can make it an extra special gift!


What is the most popular hobby & occupation ornament?

Some of the most popular hobby & occupation ornaments represent our Military & First Responders, such as firemen, police, army, and navy ornaments. Various sports like basketball and football will always be popular, however, we are also seeing different sporting trends like pickleball, tennis, and kayaking increasing in popularity.

What styles of hobby & occupation ornaments are there?

A lot of our hobby ornaments tend to be a fun and whimsical version of sports, such as a cartoon figurine tennis ball. A lot of the occupation ornaments are artistic interpretations that portray a professional tool, like a toolbelt, or some relevant clothing. For example one of our nurse's ornaments is a scrubs shirt and written on it is “Trauma Queen”.

Do you sell personalized hobby & occupation ornaments?

Yes! We have a wide variety of different hobby & occupation-related ornaments that can be personalized.

Are hobby & occupation ornaments a good gift?

Hobby and occupation ornaments are very popular because they are awesome gift that covers a large spectrum of people. Whether it's a gift for a special nurse you wish to thank or your father who is a fireman, they are a small thoughtful way to say thanks and you are cherished.