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Insect Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Get into the holiday spirit with some new insect ornaments for your Christmas Tree! The Christmas Loft is a boutique Christmas specialty store with a wide selection, we’ve put together a collection of the best and brightest insect ornaments from the most popular brands. Search our insect ornaments and choose your ornaments today!


What is the most popular insect ornament?

Some of our most popular insect ornaments are bees and butterflies.

What styles of shark insect ornaments are there?

We have a wide variety of insect ornaments made of a variety of materials. We carry hanging and clip on ornaments. Ornaments made of resin, plastic, and fabric.

Is a resin ornament heavy?

The average ornament made of resin weighs under 2 ounces. If an ornament is on the larger size it can be a little heavier.

How do you make clear resin ornaments?

Resin is normally clear and dyes are added to give it color.