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S'mores Christmas Tree Ornaments


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Is there anything better than sitting around a campfire with the sweet smell of a sticky marshmallow roasting on the flames. Then getting to see it melt on some milk chocolate stuffed between two Graham cookies. It's the best vacation sweet treat around and one that we love to celebrate at Christmas with our darling S'more ornaments decorated with funny sayings!


What is the most popular S’mores ornament?

Some of our most popular S’mores ornaments are the sassy S’mores ornaments inscribed with funny expressions, such as, "A dalanced diet is Chocolate in both hands!" or "Bite Me!".

What styles of S’mores ornaments are there?

Many of our S’mores ornaments are made from resin and some are made from glass. A lot of S'more ornaments have funny wittisms inscribed above them which we can all relate to. The S’more ornaments range from cute ones like "You're So Sweet", to funny more edgy ones such as, "Drinking Wine and Feeling Fine”. The wonderful thing about S'more ornaments is the eclectic range, you can find S'more's doing all sorts of activities from building a Snowman to doing weightlifting! They really are the perfect little gift to give to someone you love.

Do you sell personalized S’mores ornaments?

We carry some S’mores family ornaments that can be personalized and they make the perfect gift for a newborn child or just to add to a tree as tradition.

Where did S'mores and S’more ornaments originate from?

The word S'more is a contraction of the words some and more, as in, “can we have some more, please!”. S'more's are quintessentially an American treat that was created in the 1920s. It appeared in a cookbook around this time and back then it was called The Graham Cracker Sandwich. As the popularity of this tasty treat spread, so did the people turning them into cute ornaments. People love nostalgia at Christmas and there's nothing more nostalgic than thinking about the S'mores you had while camping as a kid. This is probably why they have become so popular as Christmas ornaments.

Where are your S'mores ornaments made?

Unlike real S'more desserts which are usually created around a campfire, our S'more ornaments are made from resin and are typically manufactured in China.