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Electric Window Candle Lights

Are you tired of the same old boring candles? Look no further than Window Candle Lights! These innovative candles bring a whole new level of fun to your home decor. With their bright and colorful LED lights, you can create a cozy ambiance in any room, without the risk of accidentally burning down your house. Plus, the suction cups allow you to stick them to any window, making them the perfect addition to any holiday display. Whether you're feeling festive or just need a little extra light, Window Candle Lights are sure to brighten up your day (and night!).


Why do people put candles in their windows at Christmas time?

The origin of Christmas window candles dates back to colonial times and during that time the appearance of a lit candle in the window often signified that a building or home was open and welcoming to those passing through, or that there would be shelter and food available.

Can window candle lights be used year-round?

Yes! Window candle lights are not limited to holiday use and can be used year-round for ambiance and decor.

Can window candle lights be used in a power outage?

Yes! Many window candle lights are battery-powered and can be used in the event of a power outage.

Are window candle lights easy to install?

Yes! Window candle lights come with a variety of easy installed bases such as suction cups that make installation a breeze.