Stylized image of books wrapped in brown paper wrapped wit ribbon piled on a table top surrounded by pine branches, pinecones, and ornaments

December Diamonds Christmas Tree Ornaments

Get into the holiday spirit by adding some ornaments for your Christmas Tree unlike any others! December Diamonds specializes in creating unique ornaments that will become fast favorites in your home. The Christmas Loft is a boutique Christmas specialty store with a wide selection, we’ve put together a collection of the best and brightest December Diamonds ornaments. Search our December Diamonds ornaments and choose your ornaments today!


What are December Diamonds ornaments?

December Diamonds ornaments bring a fun and whimsical twist to your holiday decor. Some of December Diamonds most popular product lines are the Mermen / Mermaid and Fairy ornaments.

What makes December Diamonds ornaments special?

December Diamonds ornaments are special because the company was founded by the idea of offering unique, one of a kind designs for Seasonal Ornaments that no other company was offering and is inclusive of everybody.

What styles of December Diamonds ornaments are there?

December Diamonds ornaments are figural ornaments made from materials such as resin and glass.

Are December Diamond Ornaments Gay themed?

December Diamonds merman ornaments are inclusive of all LGBTQAI and with an often funny interpretation of LGBT culture. Their ornaments can be a little risqué and adult themed, but also very supportive of queer culture. Thus December Diamond ornaments are a perfect gift to give someone who identifies within this category. Finding an ornament that represents someone we love and gifting it to them is such a gratifying thing to do.