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Christian Ulbricht

Christian Ulbricht's company, rooted in rich history since 1928, stands as a testament to timeless wooden craftsmanship. Established over 20 years ago in West Germany, its remarkable designs, including iconic Nutcrackers and ornaments, have found immense success, especially in the U.S. Embodying beauty and sustainability, Ulbricht pieces, from Christmas gnomes to incense burners, are cherished worldwide for their exceptional quality and artistry. The union with Seiffener Nussknackerhaus highlights Ulbricht's continued commitment to unparalleled excellence and enduring Christmas magic, ensuring cherished memories for generations.

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Christian Ulbricht

In the Ore Mountains, the rich silver ore not only named the landscape but sustained generations, including the ancestors of the Ulbricht family. As the mining industry dwindled, a new era dawned. Many, seeking alternative income, turned to wood-carving and wood-turning, fostering a community of skilled artisans and entrepreneurs.

Amid this transition in 1928, Christian Ulbricht’s father laid the foundation of “Otto Ulbricht’s workshop for fine wooden crafts and toys” in the quaint town of Seiffen. Embodying a blend of entrepreneurial acumen and inventive flair, Otto Ulbricht’s creations soon gained global recognition. He achieved a golden accolade at the Paris World Exhibition for his unique children’s room clock designs and a distinguished group of Kurrende singers.

Despite flourishing success, the aftermath of World War II cast shadows of despair. The Communist government's dispossession forced the Ulbricht family to abandon their cherished company in Seiffen and escape to West Germany. In the scenic village of Lauingen on the Danube River in Bavaria, Otto Ulbricht’s indomitable spirit reignited the flame of his enterprise. It was here in 1968 that Christian Ulbricht inherited the helm, ushering in a renewed era of innovation and craft.

Christian Ulbricht, under his stewardship, breathed life into traditional wooden artistry, crafting pieces that echoed the jubilance of Christmas and resonated with both adults and children. The art, infused with passion and precision, mirrored the resilience and creativity of the Ulbricht legacy.

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990 marked a historical reunification of Germany, allowing Christian Ulbricht to reclaim his father's original company in Seiffen. This reclamation symbolized not just the restoration of property but the reunification of Christian Ulbricht’s heritage with his present, merging the past's rich tradition with contemporary innovation.

Today, Christian Ulbricht stands as a beacon of timeless wooden art, with each creation a testament to the family’s unwavering passion, diligence, and commitment to excellence. Every piece lovingly crafted in the Ulbricht workshops carries within it the spirit of Christmas, a reflection of the rich history of the Ore Mountains' artisans, and the enduring legacy of the Ulbricht family’s triumph over adversity. In the heart of each creation, the whispers of the past merge with the laughter of the present, ensuring the spirit of joy and unity lives on for generations to come.

Christian Ulbricht Product Reviews

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Great customer service Great customer service when I had an inquiry about my order. Amazing ship Price to Hawaii for my order. Thanks!

Lara Oshiro

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Beautifully realistic and great price! These garlands are the most realistic I’ve seen and the price can’t be beat! I’ve purchased 4 so far andplan to get more.


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Halloween village. Fantastic, had just what I needed. Fast shipping and great packaging. Will purchase from again when needed. Thanks


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Fast and safe shipping.

Jonnie Jarrells

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prompt service--great selection!

Shirley Wooden

Christian Ulbricht FAQ

What is special about Christian Ulbricht Christmas Ornaments?

Christian Ulbricht Christmas Ornaments are renowned for their intricate craftsmanship and timeless design, reflecting the rich artisan history of the Ore Mountains and the Ulbricht family's enduring legacy

Where are Christian Ulbricht Collectibles made?

They are lovingly crafted in Germany, ensuring each piece carries the authentic spirit and quality of traditional German woodwork.

How should I care for my Christian Ulbricht Collectibles?

Handle with care to prevent damage. Dust gently with a soft cloth, and store in a cool, dry place.

Are Christian Ulbricht Ornaments collectible items?

Absolutely! Their unique designs, high-quality materials, and skilled craftsmanship make them sought-after collectibles.

Are Christian Ulbricht Collectibles handcrafted?

Yes, each collectible is meticulously handcrafted, reflecting a commitment to quality, artistry, and attention to detail.

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