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Possible Dreams

Founded in 1985, the Possible Dreams Collection by Department 56, created by Paul Chai and Warren Stanley, is celebrated for its unique, handcrafted Santa Claus figurines. Detailed artisans use exclusive Clothtique fabrics, ensuring lifelike detail and vibrant colors. Today, these worldwide cherished figurines, featuring beloved characters, epitomize unmatched craftsmanship and holiday joy.

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Possible Dreams

In the year 1985, the world of holiday décor was forever enriched by the advent of the Possible Dreams Collection by Department 56. Crafted by the ingenious Paul Change and Warren Stanley, this exquisite collection emanated a unique charm, with finely crafted Santa Claus figurines that have adorned family homes and stirred the holiday spirit ever since.

In the bustling workshops of Department 56, skilled artisans, inspired by diverse global tales and traditions of Santa Claus, breathe life into enchanting designs for the Possible Dreams Figurine Collection. Their meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence manifest in delightful scenes, from Santa’s jovial present delivery endeavors to tender moments with Mrs. Claus, and his relaxed vacation and leisure times.

Each Possible Dreams figurine begins its journey as a thoughtfully crafted design. Once a design is crystallized, a sculpture is carved, setting the stage for the creation of detailed molds. Filled with high-quality resin or ceramic materials, these molds evolve into exquisite figurines, each one meticulously hand-carved and sanded to perfection, ensuring the impeccable form that is synonymous with Department 56 creations.

The artistry unfolds as these figurines are brought to life with rich, vibrant hues. Painstakingly hand-painted, each figurine resonates with lifelike and flawless features, from the warm rosy glow of their cheeks to the gentle sparkle in their eyes. The artisans’ adept use of matte paints and glazes imparts a realistic allure, accentuating each intricate detail.

The Possible Dreams Collection stands apart with its exclusive use of Clothtique fabrics. Textile artists, with their deft hands, tailor each Santa outfit individually, imbuing a distinct charm to every figurine, from a beach-bound Santa to the traditional, present-delivering Santa Claus. The magic of Clothtique lies in its ability to evoke a vivid realism, rendering each Santa figurine a masterpiece of aesthetic brilliance and intricate craftsmanship.

As collectors and enthusiasts across the globe welcome these delightful Santa figurines into their homes, the Possible Dreams Collection stands as a beacon of holiday joy, warmth, and artistic innovation. Each figurine, a treasure in its own right, carries the legacy of Department 56's unwavering commitment to quality and the celebration of the festive spirit.

Through the years, the collection has scaled new heights of excellence, with each year unveiling more advanced and intricate designs, pushing the boundaries of artistic brilliance. The triumphant journey of the Possible Dreams Collection is further illuminated by the inclusion of beloved licensed characters, including The Grinch, Mickey Mouse and Friends, The Peanuts Gang, and Buddy The Elf, broadening its appeal and adding diverse dimensions to the collection.

Today, Possible Dreams figurines stand as enduring symbols of holiday cheer, brightening homes and hearts, and keeping the spirit of Christmas aglow with their magical presence, exquisite design, and unmatched craftsmanship. This cherished collection from Department 56 continues to captivate, inspire, and hold a special place in homes and celebrations around the world, a timeless tribute to the enduring magic of the holiday season.

Possible Dreams Product Reviews

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Great customer service Great customer service when I had an inquiry about my order. Amazing ship Price to Hawaii for my order. Thanks!

Lara Oshiro

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Beautifully realistic and great price! These garlands are the most realistic I’ve seen and the price can’t be beat! I’ve purchased 4 so far andplan to get more.


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Halloween village. Fantastic, had just what I needed. Fast shipping and great packaging. Will purchase from again when needed. Thanks


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Fast and safe shipping.

Jonnie Jarrells

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prompt service--great selection!

Shirley Wooden

Possible Dreams FAQ

What materials are used in the Possible Dreams Collection?

It uses high-quality resin or ceramic materials and exclusive Clothtique fabrics for a lifelike appearance and intricate detailing.

How are the Possible Dreams figurines created?

Skilled artisans craft each design, carve sculptures, and create detailed molds filled with high-quality resin or ceramic materials. Each figurine is meticulously hand-carved, sanded, and hand-painted.

What is Clothtique?

Clothtique is an exclusive fabric used in the Possible Dreams Collection, adding a distinct charm and vivid realism to each Santa figurine.

Are there any collaborations in the collection?

Yes, the Possible Dreams Collection includes beloved licensed characters like The Grinch, Mickey Mouse, The Peanuts Gang, and Buddy The Elf.

What types of Santa figurines are available in the collection?

The collection features a diverse range, from a beach-bound Santa to traditional Santa, each with detailed, hand-painted features and tailor-made outfits.

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