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Handcrafted Christmas Tree Ornaments


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The Christmas Loft is proud to support local artists who create unique ornaments crafted by hand with care. These are special types of ornaments that tend to come from small artist studios and from artisans who are passionate about creating something unique and meaningful. We even sell Handcrafted ornaments which are painted by hand over hours or that only use locally sourced and sustainable materials. Handcrafted ornaments equally represent a whole ethos of care and substance and environmental sustainability as well as producing something beautiful to hang from your tree.


Does The Christmas Loft sell handcrafted ornaments?

We are proud to sell a wide variety of handcrafted ornaments designed and created by talented artists many of which use locally sourced materials and have meaningful environmental ethos.

What styles of handcrafted ornaments are there?

There is a large range and styles of handcrafted ornaments. We like to think of our handcrafted ornaments as having a thoughtful and meaningful execution, usually produced by smaller studios and created by artists who love and care their products. One of our handcrafted ornaments, Hot Glass Works, is a product from a wonderful hippie living in Vermont who uses crushed and recycled bottles and turns them into creative disk glass ornaments. Another handcrafted company we buy from is a local New Hampshire company called The Rustic Pyro who burn and scorche designs into Pine disks creating beautiful and unique blackened designs. These are all thoughtful designs that take time and you won’t see in large chain stores.

Do you sell personalized handcrafted ornaments?

We can often personalize a lot of ornaments. Some of our handcrafted ornaments already come personalized with the name of our town, North Conway, or our state, New Hampshire already on it. These are the perfect souvenir gifts for people who love the place we are proud to call home.

Where are your handcrafted ornaments made?

Our handcrafted ornaments that are designed and made all over the world. However many of them are made in small studions by artisans.