Ball Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Get into the holiday spirit with some classic ball ornaments for your Christmas Tree! The Christmas Loft is a boutique Christmas specialty store with a wide selection. We've put together a collection of the best and brightest ball ornaments from the most popular brands. Search our ball ornaments and choose your ornaments today!


What are ball ornaments called?

Ball ornaments are also known as baubles and bulbs.

How many ball ornaments are needed for a tree?

The amount of ball ornaments needed for a tree will depend on the size and shape of the tree, size of the ornaments, if other accent ornaments will be used, and how full the tree will be. We recommend using about 12 standard size ornaments per foot for up to 8 feet of tree. For trees 9 feet and taller additional ornaments will be needed.

What do you fill ball ornaments with?

Most glass ball ornaments are empty inside, but clear or opaque ornaments can have small items added inside for a fun or personal touch. You can add personal items such as baby hats, socks, or hospital bracelets or other small items like trinkets and flowers.

How do you arrange Christmas tree balls?

We recommend beginning with the largest ornaments and putting one on each side staggered across the tree. Once the largest ornaments are on move on to the smaller ornaments making sure to give space between them and so they are visible from all sides.