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Nothing says Christmas like a pickle and cookie for Santa hanging from your tree! We love our nostalgic food and that's why The Christmas Loft offers such a wide selection of food ornaments. We’ve put together a collection of the best and brightest food ornaments from the most popular brands.


What is the most popular Food ornament?

There are nostalgic and some deeply meaningful traditions behind food ornament hanging on Christmas trees. One such ornament is the Christmas Pickle, the tradition of hanging a pickle is said to stem from a prisoner John C. Lower who was captured during the American Cival war. While starting Mr. Lower apparently begged a prison guard for some food, the prison guard gave him a pickle which Mr. Lower ccredited to saving his life. After returning home, he began a tradition of hiding a pickle on their Christmas tree each year. Nowadays there is a broad range of food items for sale from Pretzles to Peanuts! Some of our sweet ornaments will forever be favorites like gingerbread cookies and cupcakes. Other popular food ornaments are Pizza slices, Tacos, and burgers.

What styles of Food ornaments are there?

Typically food ornaments are made from a hard resin and are a 3D version of the food. Think of them as miniature versions of food and drink that you can hang from your tree. Other companies like Old World Christmas and Cody Foster also do a broad range of glass food ornaments, so you can get a cheeseburger in glass or resin! Even soft foam is used to make our donut ornaments which gives them that perfect pillowy look.

Do you sell personalized Food ornaments?

We do have some food & beverage-themed ornaments that can be personalized. Customers often request the date or name of the person they are giving the ornament to be put on it. Perhaps they had a slice of Pizza in Italy or an exceptional bowl of pasta that they will never forget, they might want the name and date put on that ornament.

Where are your Food ornaments made?

Many of our food ornaments are made in China.