Stylized image of books wrapped in brown paper wrapped wit ribbon piled on a table top surrounded by pine branches, pinecones, and ornaments

Cody Foster & Co. Christmas Tree Ornaments 

It’s hip, it’s hot and it’s here! Cody Foster & Co designs funny snapshots of pop culture and turns them into beautiful whimsical, edgy ornaments. As was reported in the New York Times the trendy Cody Foster Company designs everything from famous celebrity ornaments to a wide range of food items from blueberry pancake stacks to their best-selling ornament, a wad of butter! It’s all about pop culture and nostalgia at Cody Foster and we are here for it


What is the most popular Cody Foster & Co. Ornament?

Our most popular Cody Foster & Co. ornaments are the ones that depict some of the popular celebrities and famous faces across the world such as Queen Elizabeth, Freddie Mercury, Cher, Beyonce, Madonna, Grace Jones, David Bowie, Andy Warhol, Willie Nelson, and Post Malone. We are really excited to see new additions to the line such as Little Nas X, and Billy Porter, and we are so impressed by the accuracy of their faces. Cody Foster has really nailed the likeness in so many of their celebrity designs. There are also all sorts of movie reference ornaments such as Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite or back to the Future ornaments. We are happy to see that our Barefoot Contessa ornament was one of our best sellers too as we are big fans

What styles of Cody Foster & Co. ornaments are there?

Most of the Cody Foster ornaments are blown glass. We carry a variety of styles of ornaments with collections ranging from popular actors and musicians, famous notable faces, food, and other unique edgy, and funny designs.

What are our favorite Cody Foster Ornaments?

Our favorite ornaments are of course some of the famous actors we’ve watched on TV for decades, like the Golden Girls or Mr. Rogers. There are also artistic and political figures included, such as Bernie Sanders, Gandhi, Picasso and Van Gough. Some of my favorite ornaments are unique ones that we’ve never seen anywhere else such as retro food ornaments. One of the most popular ornaments was our Botox needle ornament.

Who designs the Cody Foster Ornaments?

Cody Foster & Co. ornaments are conceptualized by Cody Foster himself who lives in Nebraska. Cody began by designing doll houses and then gradually extended the brand into other lines such as the en-trend zeitgeist driven ornaments we see today. Cody's remarkable designs are often a fun and witty take on pop culture. He has described his ornaments as personal and says that customers now want more meaningful items on their Christmas tree. Often these meaningful ornaments range from celebrities and famous people to nostalgic foods people ate in their youth, peanut butter and jelly sandwich ornaments anyone?

Where are Cody Foster Ornaments made?

Cody Foster & Co. ornaments were made in Valentine Nebraska until in 2003 when they moved manufacturing over to China. Cody Foster and Co still employs up to 50 people in Valentine and has kept tight ties with the local community.