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Beverage Christmas Tree Ornaments


Whether you're a Pinot Princess or Coffee Queen we got you covered with our vast array of wine, beer, and coffee ornaments. Who hasn't seen a bottle of wine and thought of good times with great friends? Almost everybody has their favorite drink of choice and what better way to celebrate the people we think about and love than by getting them an ornament of their favorite drink to hang on their Christmas tree?


What are the most popular Coffee, Beer & Wine ornaments?

Our most popular wine, beer, and coffee ornaments tend to be glass ornaments featuring real liquid inside. Beer ornaments with well-known brand names like Budweiser and Miller are also super popular. Of course, coffee culture is king and we sell many varieties of coffee ornaments from realistic-looking miniature versions of cups of coffee to our sweet and funny S'more coffee ornaments which are inscribed with sayings like "Life Happens. Coffee Helps!"

What styles of Wine, Beer & Coffee ornaments are there?

We carry ornaments in a variety of materials ranging from glass to resin to foam. Many of our Wine, Beer, and Coffee ornaments look like miniature 3D versions of a real beverage or a coffee you might get from your favorite drive-through cafes.

Do you sell personalized Wine, Beer & Coffee ornaments?

We do have some wine, beer, and coffee ornaments that can be personalized. How about having your name on your favorite coffee beverage just like in real life?!

Where are your Wine, Beer & Coffee ornaments made?

Many of our wine, beer, and coffee ornaments are made in China.