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Christmas Tree Stands

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Ah, the Christmas Tree stand, the unsung hero of the holiday season! Without this trusty contraption, our beautiful evergreens would be left sagging, drooping, and wilting faster than a snowman in a sauna. But fear not, dear friends, for the Christmas Tree stand is here to save the day (and our trees)! With its sturdy base, it provides the perfect foundation for our festive firs to stand tall and proud. And let's not forget the added bonus of the occasional spill-proof design, saving us from holiday disasters like pine needles scattered across the floor. So let's raise a glass of eggnog to the Christmas Tree stand, the true star of the holiday season!


How do I know what size Christmas tree stand to buy?

You'll want to make sure the stand is rated for the size of your tree. Check the product information for the maximum trunk diameter and height.

Can I use a plant pot as a Christmas tree stand?

While a plant pot may seem like a good alternative, it likely won't be sturdy enough to hold a full-size Christmas tree.

Can I use a Christmas tree stand for my real and artificial trees?

Yes, most tree stands can be used for both real and artificial trees

How do I keep my Christmas tree stand from leaking water?

Make sure the stand is level and the bolts are tightened securely. You can also use a tree skirt or towel to catch any excess water.