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Christmas Tree Toppers

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Oh, Christmas Tree Toppers! They're the crowning glory of any tree, like the cherry on top of a sundae or the star of a show. With their shimmering lights, glittering decorations, and whimsical designs, they add that extra sparkle and pizzazz to your holiday decor. Whether you choose an angel, a star, a snowflake, or even a quirky unicorn, there's no denying the festive spirit that a Christmas Tree Topper brings to your home. And let's not forget the joy of arguing with your family over which topper is the best, or the satisfaction of finally settling on the perfect one. So go ahead, reach for the stars (or angels, or unicorns) and let your tree shine bright this holiday season!


What is a Christmas tree topper?

A Christmas tree topper is a decorative ornament that sits at the top of a Christmas tree. It's typically the last ornament placed on the tree and is meant to be a focal point.

What are the most popular types of Christmas tree toppers?

The most popular types of Christmas tree toppers are stars, angels, and bows. However, there are many other options available, including snowflakes, Santa hats, and even unicorns.

How do I choose the right Christmas tree topper for my tree?

When choosing a Christmas tree topper, consider the overall style of your tree and your personal preferences. Think about the size and weight of the topper, and make sure it's compatible with your tree's structure.

How do I attach a Christmas tree topper to my tree?

Most Christmas tree toppers come with a base that can be inserted into the top of the tree. You can also use wire or fishing line to secure the topper to the tree.