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All Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Browse our library of Personalized Ornaments at The Christmas Loft! Commemorate a special occasion or honor someone special by allowing one of our Christmas Loft Elves to hand write names and dates on any of our personalizing ornaments free of charge. Personalized ornaments make a great personal gift or can be used as creative gift tags!


What is the most popular personalized ornaments?

We have lot of very popular personalized ornaments for almost every occasion. personalized ornaments are a great way to commemorate life events. outsings and vacations. or a family tradition.

What occasions are personalized ornaments good for?

personalized ornaments are great for any occasion! Here at the christmas loft we believe that ornaments are a great gift for someone any time of year. personalized ornaments are a great way to commemorate an occasion or event throughout the year. Go bryond the tree and use personalized ornaments as fun as creative party favors, gift tags, or name cards.

What are sublimation ornaments?

Sublimation is the scientific process of taking a printed image or design and using heat to infuse it into another surface. Sublimation can be used in making clothing, signs, decor, and even ornaments.

How do you put words and names on ornaments?

One of our christmas loft Elves will use a fine points permanent marker to hand write the names and dates of your choosing.