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Christmas Tree Picks 

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Artificial Christmas picks are like the secret spice blend that takes your holiday decor to the next level. These tiny, but mighty accents come in a variety of styles and materials, from glittery snowflakes to rustic pinecones, and can be easily tucked into wreaths, garlands, and trees for an extra pop of festive flair. Not only do they add texture and dimension, but they also provide a perfect opportunity to show off your unique personality and creativity. So this holiday season, let your imagination run wild with artificial Christmas picks – the small, but mighty detail that takes your decor from good to ho-ho-ho amazing!


How do I clean Christmas Tree picks?

We recommend cleaning your picks with a duster or lightly damp cloth depending on the materials

How do I use artificial Christmas tree picks?

Simply insert the pick into the branches of your artificial Christmas tree, using the stem to secure it in place.

Can I use artificial Christmas tree picks on a real tree?

While artificial Christmas tree picks are designed specifically for use on artificial trees, you could certainly experiment with using them on a real tree to add some extra pizzazz.

How many artificial Christmas tree picks should I use on my tree?

The number of picks you use depends on the size of your tree and your personal style preference. Start with a few and add more as desired