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Egyptian Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments


Dress your Christmas tree up with the finest blown Egyptian glass ornaments from the renowned company Egyptian Museum. Every ornament is completely hand made by skilled artisans in Egypt. Using centuries old techniques these ornaments are quick to become a family favorite. Search our Egyptian Glass ornaments and choose your ornaments today!


How are Egyptian Glass ornaments made?

An Egyptian Glass ornament will pass through at least 3 artisans before it is ready for packaging. A glassblower fires Pyrex glass tubes and shapes the ornament. Once the ornament is shaped it is passed to the etcher who etches the design into the ornament. After the design is added the ornament is then passed to the painter who adds color to the ornament. The ornaments final step is baking in a hot oven where the paint is baked into the glass.

What styles of Egyptian Glass ornaments are there?

All of the Egyptian glass ornaments are hand blown Pyrex formed into various shapes. Some ornaments are various bauble and finial shapes, while others are figurial shapes.

Where are your Egyptian Glass ornaments made?

Our Egyptian Glass ornaments are made in Egypt.

Can I keep Egyptian Glass ornaments out all year long?

Absolutely! Standing ornament hangers are an easy way to display these gorgeous ornaments all year.