Our Ten Favorite Cody Foster Ornaments for 2024

Our Ten Favorite Cody Foster Ornaments for 2024

Our Ten Favorite Cody Foster Ornaments for 2024

Jun 6th 2024 - by Stephen O'Farrell

Our Ten Favorite Cody Foster Ornaments for 2024

At The Christmas Loft, we are always on the lookout for unique and captivating ornaments to add to our collection, and Cody Foster never disappoints. His creations have quickly become some of our favorites, offering a perfect blend of edginess, creativity, and cheeky charm. Each ornament from Cody Foster captures the zeitgeist of contemporary culture, transforming it into delightful glass art that brings a smile to our faces.

From whimsical unicorn ornaments to celebrity-inspired pieces like Snoop Dogg, and even quirky options like a Nacho Christmas tree ornament, there’s something in his collection for everyone.

Choosing our top Cody Foster ornaments for 2024 was no easy task, but we’ve donned our Elf stockings and are thrilled to share a selection that we are particularly excited about. Dive into the festive fun and explore our full collection of Cody Foster Ornaments here.

Paul Hollywood Ornament

Get lost in Paul’s aqua blue eyes with this fabulous glass Paul Hollywood ornament. Known for his passion and love of bread, Paul is depicted in this fun ornament offering something tasty we can all enjoy!

Mother Monster Ornament

As Little Monsters, we are just GaGa for this amazing ornament, which celebrates this absolute Queen of music. With her iconic golden hair and dazzling silver outfit, this fabulous glass ornament captures the essence of our beloved superstar perfectly!

Martha Homemaking Icon Ornament

As homemakers at heart, we are just delighted with this fabulous Martha Stewart ornament. With her classic charm and signature style, Martha is depicted holding a scrumptious pie, reminding us all that "It's a Good Thing" to celebrate the holiday season with a touch of elegance and delicious treats!

Snoop Dogg Ornament

Woop! That’s right, it’s the Snoop Dogg ornament, y'all! Bring some Coolaid and West Coast love to the party. Featuring his signature braids, shades, and bling, this is one dope Snoop Dogg ornament.

Keanu Ornament

Who doesn’t love Keanu for his cool demeanor, legendary roles, and genuine kindness? This ornament captures his iconic look with long hair and a sleek black jacket, adding a touch of Hollywood charm to your Christmas tree.

Chocolate Chip Ornament

HoHoHo, it's Cookie Dough! Of course, it's one of Santa's favorite ice creams, and we had to include this delicious treat ornament on our list. How adorable is the glittery scoop of cookie dough? It looks good enough to eat!

Chucky Ornament

Hi! This is Chucky, wanna play? This little ornament looks genuinely terrifying in a kitsch, hilarious way. Maybe you have someone in mind you’d like to gift it to! With Chucky's signature stitched face and menacing grin, we can’t help but nervously chuckle at this little ornament.

Champagne Brut Ornament

As Marlene Dietrich said, “Champagne makes you feel like it’s Sunday and better days are around the corner.” Champagne, however, makes us feel like it’s Christmas Eve and gifts are around the corner! This miniature bottle is a bubbly lover's dream. Celebrate the season in sparkling style with this fabulous Champagne ornament!

Brew Master

Is it just us, or is everyone now making their own beer? Well, it's time to celebrate those beer-swilling hipster brewers! This Hipster Brewmaster ornament features a bearded brewer with a frothy mug in hand, and we just love how adorable this little guy is.

Instant Photo Camera

Have you ever seen anything more picture-perfect than this amazing Polaroid camera ornament? We absolutely love this ornament for its nostalgic charm and unique design. It even comes with a picture of a Christmas tree attached to it! Nail your Christmas gift this year with this delightful ornament. Say Cheese!

Jun 6th 2024 - by Stephen O'Farrell