The 10 Best Halloween Village Sets for 2024

The 10 Best Halloween Village Sets for 2024

The 10 Best Halloween Village Sets for 2024

Sep 1st 2023 - by Amanda Meyer

As the autumnal breeze ushers in the season of spooks and spectres, Halloween enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the newest additions to their eerie collections. 2024 brings with it a cornucopia of ghoulish delights and intricate designs that promise to captivate the hearts of village collectors and Halloween aficionados alike. Join us on a bewitching journey as we delve into the top 10 Halloween Village pieces of 2024, each holding its own tale of mystery, magic, and mesmerizing artistry. Prepare to be spellbound! Check out our full selection of Halloween villages to see more.

Department 56 Rest In Peace 2023

This dated crypt marks the 10th in the series and is a spooky addition to any village cemetery. Nothing says Halloween like walking through a creepy cemetery late at night. Take your village up a notch with this dated battery operated crypt.

Department 56 Castle Calvaria

Step into the dark and enigmatic world of the Department 56 Halloween Village Castle Calvaria Lit Building, an imposing 10.2-inch edifice that promises to add layers of spine-tingling drama to your Halloween tableau! Released in 2022, Castle Calvaria, taking its name from the Latin word for "Skull", stands as a grim sentinel, its walls adorned with skulls swaying from twisted trees. Its very essence seems to beckon the fearless with a hushed challenge, "Dare to enter our realm, where only the bravest souls venture." Beyond its spine-chilling aura, Castle Calvaria is a masterclass in intricate detailing, ensuring that it becomes an unmissable cornerstone of your Department 56 Halloween Village collection.

Department 56 Pirate Haven Hideaway

Anchors aweigh on a thrilling nautical escapade this Halloween with the Department 56 Halloween Village Pirate Haven Hideaway! Standing tall at 6.3 inches, this newly introduced 2022 lit building offers a unique blend of maritime mischief and hauntinglyeerie vibes. Picture a shipwrecked vessel, stranded on an uninhabited island – but in this tale, the crew of misfit pirates have turned their ill fate into a cozy refuge. They jubilantly exclaim, "Yo ho ho! We've found our spooky paradise!" as they've ingeniously transformed the shipwreck into a haven of ghostly delights. The unparalleled craftsmanship of this piece shines through in its exquisite details, ensuring that it sails straight into your heart and becomes a cherished part of your Department 56 Halloween Village collection.

Department 56 Trixies Tricks and Treats

Dive into the magic of Halloween with Trixie's Tricks And Treats – the newest shimmering edifice in the Department 56 Halloween Village lineup! Launched in 2022, this mesmerizing 7.9-inch-tall lit building is an ode to the playful spirit of Halloween, beckoning both mischief-makers and candy hunters. Whether it's tantalizing sweets like candy and popcorn balls you seek or the devilish delight of stink bombs and squirting frogs, Trixie's promises, "Step right up, folks! A wickedly good time awaits you here!" Every inch of Trixie's Tricks And Treats is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, boasting intricate details that'll captivate your imagination. Buy here at (

Department 56 Polar Royalty

Delight in a hauntingly nostalgic addition to your Halloween decor this year! Introducing the Department 56 Halloween Village Polar Royalty – standing proudly at 4.41 inches tall, this piece infuses an old-world charm into your spooky celebrations. Taking you on a trip down memory lane, this accessory paints a whimsical picture of a 1956 float featuring the undead homecoming king and queen. Their wide smiles gleam with an undeniable message, "Once royalty, always royalty!" Meticulously crafted from resilient polyresin, the vivid colors and intricate details of this accessory perfectly encapsulate a haunted homecoming from yesteryears. Buy here at (

Lemax Mystery Meat Canning Co.

Give your guests a real fright with the Mystery Meat Canning Co. from the Lemax Collection. This animated creepfest features multiple animated parts and a custom soundtrack. Watch as the monsters work hard grinding anything they can get their hands on. Buy here (

Lemax Phantom View Apartments

Welcome to the Phantom View Apartments where ghosts and ghouls live together in harmony. Featuring a wealth of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, this building features a possessed elevator, seance rooms, and a secure dungeon. No need to worry about trespassers bugging you in this animated building because they’ll be sent to another dimension. Buy here (

Lemax Haunted Aquarium

If you’re looking for a frightening fun time, look now further than the Haunted Aquarium. The entrance fee may be steep, but the walls are full of terrifying creatures from the sea and theaquariums newest must see exhibit - Underwater & Undead A History. This battery operated building allows you to skip the plug Buy here

Lemax Ghost Cottage

If you’re short on space, but still want to pack a frightful punch the Ghost Cottage is perfect. All of the ghosts gather in this creepy old cottage by the river in Spooky Town. With its petite size, this battery operated building fits perfectly on a desk or bookshelf. Buy here (

Lemax The Gloom Room Club

If you’re looking to have a hauntingly good time look no further than The Gloom Room Club - the premiere spot for monsters, ghosts, and ghouls. Whether you are looking to wet your whistle or kick up your feet there’s something for everyone. This wonderful animated building features custom motion and songs sure to keep your villagers entertained all season long. Buy here: (

FAQs on the Best Halloween Village Sets

What's the best way to bring my Halloween village to life? Unearth tips and tricks in our blog to master lighting, positioning, and even sound effects that will make your Halloween village sets truly enchanting

Which brands make Halloween village sets? Department 56 released their Original Snow Village Halloween collection in 1998 and Lemax released their Spooky Town village in 2000.

How do you set up a small Halloween village display? By adding accessories into a display like trees and people you can add extra dimension and life to a small display.

How do you turn a Christmas village into a Halloween village? Some village pieces such as landscape accessories can easily be used in both Halloween and Christmas displays with no alterations. However, other items are more winter specific and may not smoothly transition into a different village.

Sep 1st 2023 - by Amanda Meyer