How Much Garland for My Staircase Bannister?

How Much Garland for My Staircase Bannister?

How Much Garland for My Staircase Bannister?

Oct 11th 2023 - by Amanda Meyer

How Much Garland for My Staircase Bannister?

Decorating your staircase with garland during the holiday season can magically transform the ambiance of your home. This festive stair decor not only exudes holiday charm but also creates an inviting and warm atmosphere for everyone who steps in. When the creativity starts glowing the decor options are endless. Use a green garland to create a traditional and festive feel or opt for a more whimsical look by creating a sledding hill for Santa and his friends. Link to our full collection of Christmas garland.

Which Style Suits You?

When it comes to adding a touch of festivity to your home during the holiday season, decorating your staircase with garland is a timeless tradition. There are several ways to achieve the perfect look. One classic method is the "swag" technique, favored by many interior designers for its nostalgic charm. By securing the garland at every third or fourth spindle and letting it sag between, you create elegant dips known as swags. The depth of these swags can vary, with deeper, more dramatic drops requiring more garland.

Another method is to wrap the garland tightly or loosely around the banister, instantly transforming a typically plain area into a festive centerpiece. However, this can make the handrail less accessible. For those looking for a simple touch, laying the garland straight along the top of the banister is quick and efficient, though it does cover the handrail. If you're aiming for a modern twist, stringing the garland at the bottom of the spindles provides a fresh perspective. This positioning, especially when doubled for a fuller look, ensures the handrail remains accessible while maintaining a festive feel. Regardless of the method chosen, always prioritize safety, ensuring decorations are secure and not posing any tripping hazards, especially if there are children around. Whether you opt for the classic swag, a wrapped bannister, or a modern low-hung approach, the right garland arrangement can truly elevate your home's holiday ambiance.

Staircase Bannister Garland Sizing Table

Stair/Bannister Length (Feet) Approximate Garland Length (Feet)
6 9
8 12
10 15
12 18
14 21

Staircase Bannister Garland Measurement Calculator

The amount of garland you'll need primarily depends on the length of your bannister and the style of coverage. As a general rule, for every foot of staircase bannister, you'll need approximately 1.5 feet of garland to account for the drape and fullness. Keep in mind that these calculations are mere suggestions and the amount of garland will depend on your overall preference and decor choice.

Measuring Your Staircase

Getting the right amount of garland starts with precise measurements. Begin by measuring the length of your staircase bannister from top to bottom using a measuring tape. If your staircase has curves or turns, ensure that your measurement accounts for these dimensions. If a normal measuring tape is too stiff try using a sewing tape or piece of string instead. Accurate measurements ensure that your garland arrangement looks lavish and full.

Choosing the Right Garland

Garlands have long been a favored holiday decoration, and when it comes to adorning your staircase, the options are as diverse as they are delightful. For those yearning for a traditional Christmas ambiance, faux pine garland serves as a quintessential choice, effortlessly evoking the charm of a serene winter landscape.

If you're aiming for a dash of dazzle, tinsel garland, with its shimmering strands, imparts a contemporary or playful vibe. For a touch of sophistication, bead garland is the go-to, with options ranging from elegant pearls to lustrous metallic finishes that add a refined sparkle to any setting. Ribbon garland, with its vast array of colors and patterns, brings a gentle, festive flair to staircases, allowing for a tailored match to your home's decor.

Lastly, for those seeking both convenience and brilliance, prelit garlands are a boon. Equipped with built-in lights, they cast a warm, celebratory glow while eliminating the need for intertwining separate light strands. Whether your aesthetic leans classic, modern, or anywhere in between, there's a garland type to perfectly complement your holiday staircase decor.

Installing Garland on Your Staircase

Dressing up your staircase with a festive garland is a timeless holiday tradition that transforms an everyday space into a magical wonderland. But, how does one ensure a seamless, graceful drape that's both stunning and safe? Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure your staircase is adorned perfectly:

  • Start at the base of your staircase, leaving a little overhang to achieve a balanced look.
  • Secure your garland at the beginning, middle, and end using garland ties, zip ties, or discreet wire.
  • Ensure the garland drapes uniformly between each secured point.
  • Intertwine lights or ornaments if your garland isn't prelit or pre-decorated.
  • For added flair, consider weaving in decorative ribbons or bows.
  • Ensure all elements are secured well to prevent any tripping hazards.

A beautifully decorated staircase can be the showstopper of your holiday decor, radiating warmth and festivity throughout your home. Embrace the joy of the season and let your staircase be the canvas for your festive creativity.


How can I measure my staircase and bannister to ensure I purchase the right amount of garland?

To accurately measure for garland, begin by measuring the length of the bannister or staircase railing from end to end. If your staircase has multiple levels or turns, measure each section separately. Also, consider how you want the garland to hang, either draped or tightly wound, as this will affect the total length needed. A soft measuring tape can be very useful for this task.

What is the best way to secure garland to my staircase or bannister?

Securing garland properly is essential for a polished look and safety. Use floral wire or cable ties to attach the garland securely at even intervals along the staircase or bannister. Ensure the attachments are tight, but be careful not to damage the railing's finish. Alternatively, garland ties or clips specifically designed for this purpose are also available and can offer a secure, yet gentle grip.

How can I maintain and store my Christmas garland to ensure its longevity?

To keep your garland looking fresh for many seasons, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight which can fade the colors. Before storing, remove any dust or debris with a soft brush or cloth. It's advisable to store the garland in a storage box or bag to prevent it from becoming tangled or damaged.

Can I decorate my Christmas garland with additional ornaments or lights?

Absolutely! Adding lights, ribbons, ornaments, or other holiday decor can personalize your garland and complement your overall holiday theme. Ensure that any added decorations are securely fastened to prevent them from falling off, especially if the staircase is a high-traffic area.

Is it safe to use lit garland on staircases and bannisters?

Yes, it's safe to use lit garland as long as the lights are rated for indoor use and are in good working condition. It's advisable to check for any damaged wires or bulbs before decorating. Additionally, ensure that cords and plugs do not create a tripping hazard, and that the garland is securely attached to prevent accidents.

Oct 11th 2023 - by Amanda Meyer