The Wonderful Magical Christmas Decoration Contest

Dec 9th 2017 - by The Busy Elves

The Wonderful Magical Christmas Decoration Contest

We've teamed up with White Mountain TV to sponsor The Wonderful Magical Christmas Decoration Contest. We will award a $400 gift certificate to the person with the most wonderful, stupendous, beautiful & magical inside Christmas decorations. Everyday we hear at the store about people who just love decorating their house for Christmas. Some people just decorate their tree and mantle while other people decorate every single room. Our favorite stories are of someone's uncle or aunt, grandma or grandpa who have 15 Christmas trees in their house and spend all year preparing for the big day! 

So whether you want to submit photos of your decorations or you know someone who loves decorating, let everyone know about the contest! Besides the grand prize, we will award a $100 gift certificate to the viewer's choice winner and a fun prize for the winner of the tackiest decorations! To submit just click on the link below and start uploading photos. In the caption section write a brief paragraph about why you love decorating for Christmas and what it means to you and your family. 

We suggest you upload as many photos as needed to fully capture the magic of your Christmas decorations. Remember, anything goes, whether your taste is rustic, sophisticated or just plane bonkers, we want to see it all! And the exciting part is that the photographs of all the finalists will be shown live on White Mountain TV and the winner will be announced on air on December 23rd. If you don't live nearby, don't worry you can stream the show from anywhere in the world. 

For more info and to submit click here: