The Magical Tale of Santa Dust


How will Santa know where I live? How will Santa find me - a child wonders? The Magical Tale of Santa Dust is the magical tale of two small children who, on Christmas Eve, sit by their window eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa, only to be bypassed on his yearly journey. Save for the antics of a giggling, bungling elf - and some magical dust - their Christmas dreams come true. Each book is sold with one pouch of magical Santa Dust shrink wrapped together. After you sprinkle your magical Santa Dust hang you red pouch on your Christmas tree as a Christmas tree ornament. Santa Dust is a magical potion used by children worldwide to help guide Santa and his reindeer to their door.  

  • The Magical Tale of Santa Dust Hardcover Book
  • 32 pages 
  • Includes Magical Santa Dust and pouch 
  • Recipient of the Mom's Choice Award 
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