A Complete Guide To Christmas Colors

A Complete Guide To Christmas Colors

A Complete Guide To Christmas Colors

Sep 1st 2023 - by Amanda Meyer

A Complete Guide to Christmas Tree Toppers

Colors can be used strategically to evoke certain emotions and feelings and that is exactly what we do at Christmas. Colors like red and green remind us of the beauty nature has to bring even in the darker months. White represents the snow, blue reminds us of The Virgin Mary, and orange may remind you of your Grandma Jo. Keep reading below to learn some fun tidbits about some of the more traditional and non-traditional Christmas colors. Check out our full selection of Christmas tree ornaments to see more. In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • What are Christmas Colors?
  • Traditional Christmas Colors
  • New Christmas Colors
  • Christmas Colors for 2023

What are Christmas Colors Anway?

There is no strict list of colors considered Christmas colors, but there is an unofficial list. Colors like red, green, white, blue, silver, and gold have been considered Christmas colors for centuries because of their historical roots during the season. Other colors like black, beige, and pastels are taking a more modern stance on the scene.

As you can see from this gorgeous modern living room above, they have mixed blacks, dark bronzes, and gold, and it radiates a rich, warm, and chic style. So no matter what color scheme you're feeling for Christmas, there is no wrong or right way to decorate.

Traditional Christmas Colors

When people think of traditional Christmas colors they tend to think of red and green, but those colors were associated with another winter holiday long before Christmas. Back centuries ago, the Celtic people believed that the Holly tree brought prosperity and good luck to them during the winter months. You would see many families decorating their homes with the bright reds and greens of these beautiful evergreens.

It wasn’t until 1931, that the colors became popular with Christmas in the United States when the Coca-Cola company hired illustrator Haddon Sundblom to bring Santa to life. Sundblom’s depiction of Santa wearing a bright red suit surrounded by a green background ran from 1931-1964 and changed the way Americans viewed the Jolly Red Man and the Christmas holiday. Keep reading to learn a little more about how red and green become Christmas traditions.

The Reasons of Red

Red is often associated with Christmas because of its historical and cultural significance. In Christian tradition, red represents the blood of Jesus Christ, who was born on Christmas day. Additionally, during the winter months, red is a common color for holly berries, poinsettias, and other festive decorations.

The use of red in Christmas decor dates back to ancient pagan celebrations of the winter solstice, where it was believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. Today, red continues to be a popular color for Christmas-themed clothing, decorations, and accessories.

Going Green

Green is a Christmas color because of its association with evergreen trees, which have been used in winter celebrations for centuries. In many cultures, evergreens were seen as symbols of life and vitality during the dark, cold winter months. The tradition of decorating evergreen trees for Christmas dates back to the 16th century in Germany and has since spread around the world. Additionally, green is a common color for holly leaves, mistletoe, and other festive plants used in Christmas decor. Together with red, green has become an iconic symbol of the holiday season and is used in a variety of Christmas-themed clothing, decorations, and accessories.

New Christmas Colors

Colors like red and green may have centuries long history associated with Christmas, but as we have entered the 21st Century some new colors have decided to join in on the Christmas fun! Take a peek below to learn about how black and beige have become popular Christmas colors.

Black is Back

When most people think of Christmas colors the last color they probably think of is black, but in recent years the color has made its way to the stage and has been a big hit. By combining black with the more traditional Christmas color of white you can create a wonderful monochrome aesthetic. Make the display even more spectacular by adding a few pops of color with reds and greens.

A Beige Magnet

Beige may not be regularly associated as being a Christmas color, it is certainly making itself known on the scene. With its warm and neutral tone, many people associate it with comfort and nature during the winter season. Beige can easily be incorporated into Christmas decor through natural elements such as pinecones or wood accents, which are often used to create a rustic or traditional Christmas aesthetic.

Christmas Colors for 2023

From warming neutrals to delectable candy pastels and everything in between, Christmas 2023 is all about the colors. Create the holiday of your dreams by dressing your home from head to toe in your favorite tones.

Neutral Territory

Whether you’re living the free spirited boho life or just enjoy the calming warm tones, neutrals will bring style and versatility to your Christmas decor. The minimalism and contemporary feel of a Bohemian themed Christmas is simply gorgeous. It will be difficult to be stressed out this holiday season when your home is decked out in these carefree and happy colors.

Pretty In Pastels

If you’re looking for a colorful Christmas this year look no further than the wide array of pastels available. With soft colors like pink, blue, lavender, and green it will be difficult not to smile during those dark winter nights. Whether you’re looking to create a vintage feel or just want to sprinkle some color here and there, pastels will bring a fun pop of color to your Christmas.

Questions About Christmas Colors!

Why are Christmas colors red and green? The traditions of decorating with red and green during the winter months actually predates the celebrations of Christmas and goes back to Ancient Celtic peoples celebrating the winter solstice by decorating with the beloved Holly tree.

Is blue a Christmas color? Absolutely! Blue is one of the 5 main colors included on multi color light sets and is considered a Christmas color for its religious connections to The Virgin Mary.

Is orange a Christmas color? While orange may not be known traditionally as a Christmas color it is a fun accent color to work it into your Christmas decor. If orange at Christmas isn’t really your thing, use those orange ornaments to create a fun Halloween or Fall themed tree.

When should we start decorating for Christmas in 2023? Most people say that you shouldn’t start decorating for Christmas until Thanksgiving, but we love Christmas so much that we say to start decorating whenever you would like!

Sep 1st 2023 - by Amanda Meyer