Christmas Trends For A Merry 2024

Christmas Trends For A Merry 2024

Christmas Trends For A Merry 2024

Sep 1st 2023 - by Amanda Meyer

The Rich History Of Christmas Trends

Have you ever noticed that in any given year, you can walk into a store and see large collections of Christmas decor that all look similar, and then next year it’s gone? That's because Christmas decorating trends can change from year to year. During the 1930s and the Depression, it was a popular trend to see handmade decorations crafted from items around the home as many were not able to afford to purchase items. Throughout the 1940s, the Shiny Brite company produced the most popular Christmas tree ornaments in the United States, and their ornaments were hung on trees along with tinsel, toys, and even a toy tree topper. It was also during this time that dressing the Christmas tree as a family became a popular annual tradition.

String Lights

The 1950s saw brand-new trends in Christmas tree decorating that included lead tinsel, plastic ornaments, candy containers, and illuminated figures, with the finishing touch being a model train chugging along underneath the tree. During the 1960s, you couldn't escape Mod style, it was even brought to the Christmas tree, and those trees were covered in plastic bells, pinecones, and draped tinsel creating a waterfall effect. While artificial trees became popular during the 1960s, it was during the 1970s that homes ditched their artificial and plastic trees for real evergreens and accentuated that beauty with the decorations they adorned them with.

The 1980s saw the birth of what I like to call - The Memory Tree; a tree featuring an eclectic style that doesn’t focus on a theme, but instead features handpicked ornaments that honored memories or family members and carry sentimental value, creating an all-new pride in the Family Christmas Tree. The 1990s saw an economic boom that allowed popular Christmas designers like Christopher Radko and Kurt Adler to drastically increase their product catalogs to include more themed decoration sets including ornaments and trimmings. The turn of the millennium and the 2000s brought back a sense of nostalgia and started ditching the artificial trees for real ones again. Due to the growing demand for real trees during the 2000s, the United States increased their production of Christmas trees to over 350,000 acres.

The 2010s began to see a modern turn in Christmas trends and decor with the introduction of wireless and Bluetooth capabilities, LED lighting options, color-changing, and even music synchronizing. People began to decorate multiple trees around their homes all with different themes, or even keep their tree up all year and decorate it for the changing seasons. Christmas used to be a holiday that was celebrated during the month of December, but during the 2010s, a push began by decorating for Christmas early with some people beginning to put Christmas decorations out after Halloween. While the colors and trends for Christmas decorations may shift over time, one thing has always stayed constant, the love and joy of decorating your home for Christmas is a cherished and loved family tradition.

2023 Christmas Color Trends

The beautiful thing about Christmas is that there are no rules and depending on your aesthetic you may choose to go with classic Christmas colors of red and green or; you may want to step out of the box and go for a a pastel or neon Christmas; a glitz and glam color theme covering your home in golds, champagnes, and silvers; maybe you’re feeling a little Earthy and choose a neutral theme of browns, greens, and tans.

One of of the most popular Christmas color trends for 2023 is lot of earthy natural tones. The massive shift towards earthy tones and natural-looking wood. Nothing screams Christmas louder than reconnecting with the roots, literally!

Woods and Naturals

The rustic allure of wooden ornaments, reflecting the calming rawness of nature, offers an unparalleled charm, like these beautiful unvarnish natural beads.

All natural looking ornaments are hot for 2024. These handmade ornaments, proudly made locally in New Hampshire by Rustic Pyro are made from slices of birch trees trimmed with bark. Truly, this year, Mother Nature dictates the color trends of the festive season. So deck your halls with the tones of tranquility, freshness, and rusticity. Embrace the 2024 color trends, celebrate a harmonious holiday season and let your Christmas sparkle with nature-inspired elegance!

Looking at Lavendar!

Purples and Lavander was another noticeable trend we saw popping up in showrooms this year

Christmas Light Trends

My favorite Christmas trend to look forward to each year is seeing how people will creatively use their Christmas lights. Christmas lights have come a long way since the first set of electric Christmas lights was created in 1882. Christmas string lights have come a long way since then and with the development of LED technology the lighting possibilities are endless. LED Christmas lights are available in multiple sizes, shades, shapes, and designs.

Warm White - The Classic Light

The classic warm Christmas light is always en trend. These warm lights give you a that cozy feeling inside your home and help you create a magical and festive atmosphere in the Christmas season. Other classics too are cool white or multi-color set or depending on how festive you feel!

Novelty Lights

Add some frivolous fun by decorating your home with themed novelty lights which come in a large assortment of designs. We are particularly fond of these donut lights! It's donuts you'll be after if you're decorating your home with these awesome weed-themed string lights, and of course, the large multicolor party lights are also perfect for a festive evening.

New Tech - Color Changing LED Lights

Some of the most popular Christmas Light trends for 2024 are Lumineo Color Changing Lights, Funky color lights. his set will allow you to swap between 7 different light colors with just the press of a button. Swap between Blue, Green, Cyan, Red, Pink, and White lights or set them to transitions to see all of the colors phase through.

Christmas Decor Trends

Christmas is a time of joy and happiness and you can spread that cheer and joy throughout your home by displaying Christmas decor beyond your Christmas tree. No matter what your holiday style is, there is something for every design aesthetic.

Fabriché Santa Figurines

Possible Dreams and Fabriche Santa figurines are a fun way to display your personality with a Christmas twist. Whether you are looking for a traditional Santa with his Reindeer or a more whimsical Santa who is enjoying a tropical Tiki beach vacation.

Lit Shimmers

Allow your Christmas decor to be an extension of you and your personality. Lit Water Shimmers are a beautiful addition to any decor collection that is functional and beautiful. These shimmers bring a little light to the dark winter nights with a warm glow and glitter swirling around inside.

Reusable Advent Calendars

Reusable Advent Calendars from Byers’ Choice are a fun way to add your calendar into your home decor collection. Simply fill the boxes with trinkets or treats of your choosing and open one each night.

Christmas Villages Collectibles

The Original Snow Village in 1976 and almost 50 years later Department 56 has added numerous lines to their collection and is still a popular family tradition. Some of the most popular Christmas decor trends for 2023 are items that will create fun and whimsy around the holiday.

Christmas Crafting Trends

The most popular Christmas crafting trend in 2024 is building and creating your own personalized wreaths!

Sep 1st 2023 - by Amanda Meyer