How Many Feet Of Garland Do I Need for My Christmas Tree?

How Many Feet Of Garland Do I Need for My Christmas Tree?

How Many Feet Of Garland Do I Need for My Christmas Tree?

Oct 11th 2023 - by Amanda Meyer

How Many Feet Of Garland Do I Need for My Christmas Tree?

Adding garlands to your Christmas tree is a wonderful way to add some extra personality and color to your display. From traditional green garlands used to make your tree appear more full and dense, to whimsical garlands full of candies and gingerbread cookies. Garlands can be used as a center focal point for your tree design or they can be used as wonderful accents. There are garlands available for every taste and can bring a tree from drab to fab in a few simple steps.

Once you have decided the theme and what type of garlands you want to add to your tree it is time to decide how much garland you will need. On average, it's recommended to use 9-12 feet of garland per foot of Christmas tree. The allure of shimmering Christmas tree garland has always been a pivotal part of holiday tree decorations, wrapping the tree in festive cheer. This guide serves to assist you in determining just the right amount of garland to drape your Christmas tree perfectly.

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Christmas Tree Garland Sizing Table

Tree Height (Feet) Approximate Garland Length (Feet)
4 36-48
5 45-60
6 54-72
7 63-84
8 72-96
9 81-108
10 90-120

1. Measure Your Christmas Tree

In order to know the exact amount of garland you will need you will need to do a bit of holiday math. First decide if the garland will be going around the entire circumference of the tree or only over a portion. Once you have the areas of garland decided it is time to start measuring. Accurate measurement of your Christmas tree's height and its widest point is crucial. If you still have the original packaging for your tree the height and circumference may be printed on it, if not you will need a trusty measuring tape. Simply use a measuring tape to measure from the tree's base to its tip for height and around the broadest part for width.

2. Garland Length Calculation

Once you have accurate measurements of your tree you can start your festive calculations. A general formula to determine the garland length when fully decorating a tree is 9 to 12 feet of garland per vertical foot of tree. As always, these numbers are just recommendations and the amount of garland you choose to use is up to personal preference and decor theme.

3. Choose Your Type of Garland

With a plethora of garland types and styles to choose from there is certainly a strand of garland out there for everyone's taste. Whether you choose to keep it traditional with a popcorn garland surrounded by shiny tinsel or you go with a more rustic garland with pinecones and gnomes, we believe that garland can add personality to your Christmas tree. Below is a list of some of our favorite types and styles of garlands explained.

  • Green Garland: Greenery designed to mimic the look of trees. These can be made of real greens or artificial.
  • Tinsel Garland: Shiny, shimmering strands that capture light brilliantly.
  • Bead Garland: Offers an elegant touch with its intricate bead design.
  • Ribbon Garland: Lush and often available in various patterns and materials.
  • Popcorn Garland: A traditional choice that adds a rustic feel, choose to make them fresh or use artificial for annual decorating.
  • Figural Garland: A whimsical garland featuring figures such as cookies, Santa, gifts, and more.
  • DIY Garland: Add a personal touch by creating your own garland with things around the house.

4. Garland Installation

After the lights have been put on the tree, but before adding the ornaments is the perfect time to add garlands to your tree. For a garland that is going to be featured along the entire tree you want to begin at the top of the tree and work down. Secure the end of the garland at the top and spiral the garland outward as you move down the tree. Make sure that each spiral is spaced appropriately and evenly. Once the garland is on the tree, step back, and then adjust where needed to ensure the look you want.

In wrapping up, draping your Christmas tree with the ideal length of garland can transform its appearance, making it a stunning centerpiece of your festive decorations. Whether you're a fan of the glitzy tinsel, elegant beads, or rustic popcorn, the right garland can evoke memories, create new traditions, and set the tone for a magical holiday season. So, as you deck your halls and trim your tree, remember the tips from this guide and ensure your Christmas tree shines brightly, wrapped in the warm embrace of your chosen garland. Happy decorating!

Christmas Tree Garland FAQs

How much garland do I need for a 4 foot tree? For a 4-foot tree, you'd need between 36 to 48 feet of garland.

How much garland do I need for a 6 foot tree?

For a 6-foot tree, you'd need between 54 to 72 feet of garland.

HHow much garland do I need for a 7 foot tree? For a 7-foot tree, you'd need between 63 to 84 feet of garland.

How much garland do I need for an 8 foot tree? For a 8-foot tree, you'd need between 72 to 96 feet of garland.

How much garland do I need for a 10 foot tree? For a 10-foot tree, you'd need between 90 to 120 feet of garland.

What is the most popular Christmas tree garland? The Real Touch Norfolk Pine garland remains a timeless favorite for its classic appeal.

What is the most colorful Christmas tree garland? The Glass Ball Gold Garland (Insert link for from Cody Foster is our most colorful garland. Featuring 84 inches of bright and vibrant colored ball ornaments in a variety of hues on a gold base.

Oct 11th 2023 - by Amanda Meyer