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Priscilla Racki

Priscilla Racki lovingly makes her handmade Christmas ornaments at her home in Durham, Connecticut using felting techniques and recycled products. Each ornament is a limited edition and only sold in a few select shops in the Northeast. Priscilla’s ornaments are a work of art to be shared by you and yours for many Christmases to come.

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Priscilla Racki: Crafting Christmas Magic from the Heart

Priscilla Racki, a talented designer hailing from Durham, Connecticut, is the creative force behind the exquisite handmade ornaments that have captured the hearts of many. With an unwavering passion for crafting beautiful ornaments, Priscilla lovingly fashions her creations in the cozy confines of her home, utilizing felting techniques and repurposed materials to breathe life into her visions.

For years, The Christmas Loft has had the privilege of calling Priscilla Racki a dear friend. We are overjoyed to showcase her remarkable ornaments in our curated collection. Priscilla's creations are known far and wide for their rustic charm and endearing primitive style, making them the darlings of New Englanders and beyond.

But Priscilla Racki is more than just a gifted artisan. She holds a coveted Connecticut Interior Design license and is a respected professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (A.S.I.D). Her expertise extends to fabric design and weaving, where her talents shine brilliantly. Priscilla earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree in Interior Design from Syracuse University, complemented by a minor in Fabric Design, which laid the foundation for her artistic journey.

What sets Priscilla Racki's ornaments apart is their exclusivity. Each piece is a limited edition, making them highly sought-after treasures. These one-of-a-kind gems can only be found in select shops across the Northeast, adding an aura of rarity and individuality to each ornament. When you acquire one of Priscilla's creations, you're not merely acquiring a decoration; you're welcoming a work of art into your home—a piece that holds a story and a spirit, destined to become a cherished part of your holiday traditions for years to come.

Priscilla Racki's ornaments are more than just adornments; they are a testament to her dedication to sustainability and craftsmanship. By choosing her creations, you're not only enhancing your Christmas decor but also supporting an artist who pours her heart and soul into every piece. This holiday season, invite the enchantment of Priscilla Racki's ornaments into your home, and let the magic of handmade craftsmanship fill your heart with joy.

Priscilla Racki Product Reviews

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Great customer service Great customer service when I had an inquiry about my order. Amazing ship Price to Hawaii for my order. Thanks!

Lara Oshiro

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Beautifully realistic and great price! These garlands are the most realistic I’ve seen and the price can’t be beat! I’ve purchased 4 so far andplan to get more.


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Halloween village. Fantastic, had just what I needed. Fast shipping and great packaging. Will purchase from again when needed. Thanks


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Fast and safe shipping.

Jonnie Jarrells

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prompt service--great selection!

Shirley Wooden

Priscilla Racki FAQ

Who is Priscilla Racki, and what makes her handmade ornaments unique?

Priscilla Racki is a renowned designer and artisan based in Durham, Connecticut. Her handmade ornaments are unique because they reflect her distinctive design sensibilities and commitment to sustainability. Priscilla's creations are crafted using felting techniques and recycled materials, resulting in ornaments that blend rustic charm with artistic finesse.

Where can I purchase Priscilla Racki's handmade ornaments?

Priscilla Racki's limited edition handmade ornaments are available exclusively at select shops in the Northeast, including [Your Shop Name]. We are proud to offer her exquisite creations in our collection. You can explore and purchase Priscilla Racki's unique ornaments right here on our website, knowing that each piece is a work of art made with passion and care.

What are handmade ornaments?

Handmade ornaments are decorative items crafted by skilled artisans using their hands and various techniques, rather than being mass-produced in factories. These unique ornaments often feature intricate designs and are made with care and attention to detail.

What materials are commonly used in handmade ornaments?

Handmade ornaments can be crafted from a wide range of materials, including glass, wood, fabric, clay, and recycled materials. The choice of materials often depends on the artisan's style and creative vision.

Are handmade ornaments more environmentally friendly than mass-produced ones?

Handmade ornaments are often considered more environmentally friendly because they frequently incorporate recycled materials, reducing waste. Additionally, the production process is typically more sustainable and has a lower carbon footprint.

Can I personalize handmade ornaments for special occasions or gifts?

Yes, many artisans offer customization options for handmade ornaments. You can often request personalized messages, names, or dates to make the ornament a meaningful gift or a special addition to your holiday decor.

How do I care for and store handmade ornaments to ensure their longevity?

To preserve the beauty and quality of handmade ornaments, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Use acid-free tissue paper or bubble wrap to protect delicate ornaments. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures or moisture.

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