Lumineo, LED Color Changing Light Set - Turns from Warm White to Multi, on a Green Wire


Using the Latest technology, these amazing lights dazzle by changing color!! Each bulb can change color from a solid from warm white to Multicolor. You can also set them to remain the warm white color or stay multicolor depending on your mood and look!

These LED color changing lights are 52 Feet long of lights, including 16-foot lead wire with 500 lights and are incredible durable. You can even walk on them and they won't break!

They also have a timer so that lights will light up automatically 8 hours a day, every day at the same time. This set also includes 8 different lighting functions! LED light sets are for indoor and outdoor use. All lighting sets are featured with the latest LED technology. One inch spacing between each light and the long lasting LED bulbs are virtually unbreakable. Bulb life is approximately 50,000 hours. Always cool to the touch. 16-foot lead wire. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approved transformer.

  • 500 LED COLOR CHANGING, White to Multicolor Lights on Green Wire, Total Length 52 Foot Long
  • Lights can stay on White or Multicolor, or alternate between the two.
  • 8 Function memory controller with timer, Constant, Twinkle, Different atmospheric effects
  • New non tangle technology, LED diode lasts much longer (the lifespan is at least 50,000 hours), LED lights are much less fragile.
  • Lights are tangle resistant, Cool to touch and low energy consumption
  • Indoor / Outdoor UL 588 approved
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