BUBBLE YUM Bubble Gum, Original


Bubblegum fans ask for Bubble Yum®'s original gum by name. They appreciate Bubble Yum Bubble Gum for its intense flavor and satisfying chew, and of course the supersize bubbles they can blow.

  • BUBBLE YUM Bubble Gum, Original
  • One pack per purchase
  • Give them as party favors or place them in candy dishes for a tasty snack everyone can enjoy!
  • Treat that sweet tooth with this delicious candy
  • BUBBLE YUM Gum is always soft and easy to chew, perfect for bubble gum lovers of all ages
  • The unique texture of BUBBLE YUM Gum creates big, long-lasting bubbles yet doesn't stick as readily as other types of gum
  • Each piece is individually wrapped, great for enjoying on the go or sharing with friends
  • Contains only 20 calories per serving size (1 piece); Fill a candy bowl at home or at the office, or give it as a birthday treat

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