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Inside Painted Glass Collectibles 

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The story of Inner Beauty ornaments dates back to ancient China and the meticulous artisans that created intricate paintings on the inside of glass snuff bottles. Capturing images from folklore, traditions and the beauty around them, each individual work of art was created by hand inside of a glass vessel. These ancient techniques have been passed down, generation to generation, to a small number of trained artists that continue their beautiful work today. Inner Beauty gifts are all handmade and no two pieces are exactly alike. These handmade touches provide character to each of our reverse hand-painted works of art. Every piece is special... uniquely beautiful from the inside out.


How are Inner Beauty ornaments made?

Dedicated artisans use specialized brushes along with a lot of patience and talent to create these beautiful works of art layer by layer on the inside of the glass ornament.

Are Inner Beauty ornaments suitable as gifts?

Yes, Inner Beauty ornaments make great gifts for friends and loved ones.

How do I clean my Inner Beauty ornament?

To clean your Inner Beauty ornament, use a soft cloth and gentle cleaner.

What are some of the designs available?

Inner Beauty ornaments come in a variety of designs including Santa, Angels, religious scenes, everyday ornaments, and more.