DC Designs by Jim Shore - Dark Knight Detective


After WW2, stories about superheroes began to see a decline, but during The Silver Age of comics (1956 - circa 1970) superheroes claimed new fame after DC comics decided to reimagine their stories from the ground up.

After witnessing the murder of his parents, Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Mayne, Bruce vows to take vengeance on criminals throughout Gotham City. As he grows, Bruce trains physically and mentally to create his secret identity, Batman. With the help of his wealth and influence, butler Alfred, and sidekick Robin, Bruce becomes Gotham City’s resident crime fighter. Later, teaming up with Superman and other superheroes from around the universe to found The Justice League of America.

  • DC Designs by Jim Shore - Dark Knight Detective
  • SKU: 513022
  • Vendor Number: 6003022
  • Approximate Size: 8.75 in H x 3.5 in W x 7.5 in L
  • Materials: Polyresin, Calcium Carbonate
  • Hand-crafted and hand painted
  • Batman Silver Age
  • Officially licensed by DC Comics and Warner Bros Entertainment
  • Introduced January 2019
  • Pair with other DC Super Heroes - Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Green Lantern (Sold Separately) 

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