• Meadowbrook Gourds
  • Grown and created in Pennsylvania
  • Made in the USA
  • Flurry is a mini- figurine and is new for 2018
  • About 4 inches in diameter
  • Red nose and red pipe 
  • Black felt hat and wool scarf
  • Cut out eyes,and smile.
  • Cut out tree and star design on body make perfect place for battery- operated tea light (not Included) to shine through
  • WFY-A

About Meadowbrooke Gourds

The story of Meadowbrooke Gourds begins with an accident. During a trip to New England a farmer found fresh goose neck gourds that he decided to bring home. From those gourds he gathered seeds and decided to begin farming and selling the gourds in his Pennsylvania community. The response to the gourds were so overwhelming that other area farmers began growing them too. Due to more production these gourds that were once so popular lay in the fields unharvested. Crops that were normally left unharvested would rot, but not the goose neck gourds.

These gourds were an exception and their shells would harden like wood when dried. Ben Bear, who also had a background in carpentry decided in 1993 to begin tinkering around with these hardened gourds. He soon discovered that he was able to carve these gourds into beautiful creations. Over 20 years have passed since Meadowbrooke Gourds began hand-producing these beautiful pieces. What began as a family operation has grown to over 20 people who hand craft over 250 kinds of gourds.

These gourds are truly one of a kind and make a special addition to any home.

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